A little Rant

This blog post from the New York Times is HILARIOUS!

While there are some who want the library to be more "social" for patrons, others want the strict quiet and serene library.  From my experience, it seems that many libraries in the "now" are both.  They have the social areas (such as group study rooms and young adult and/or children gaming and program areas) as well as designated Quiet Zones.  I am not sure what library the author is visiting, but I think most libraries (academic, public or special) have these different areas.  If Sung J. Woo is in the gaming room... well hmmm... I wonder why the kids are being loud?!?  Hey at least the kids are at the library, participating in programs, hanging out with friends or (gasp!) reading and not out on the streets.  

Yes libraries used to be quiet... where you could hear the shuffle of the papers from across the room or the gentle cough of a patron from somewhere in the stacks.  But the library environment has changed with society.  Innovation and community collaboration for these unique programs has brought about these changes and IMHO I think it is a great thing.  The library is no longer just for those interested in picking up a book.  It is a place for INTELLECTUAL growth whether that be from reading, or seminars, speakers or programs or for simply hanging out with a friend listening to music.  Yes, there should be some accountability, and people need to have some common courtesy for others and not run around or yell.  However, seeing people use a library for many purposes is a good thing!  It shows the community is using it as a place for what it should be, a place for the community to grow and learn.

Others probably have a different opinion than I.  I just hope Sung J. Woo never comes into my library because I will NOT be a "bespectacled, cardigan-wearing, shushing librarian."
**edited to add:  Okay so I might actually wear the cardi... especially if it is one that I knit! ;)


lizzzknits said…
My spinning group meets in the local library twice a month. Nearly every time, a child comes in, fascinated, and it turns into a teaching moment. Here's to many uses for the public library!
Worsted Knitt said…
I love my library! It is generally quiet, but has plenty of rooms for group work and projects that require lots of talking and communication. In addition to that, the children's section is rather far from the study areas, so not many people will be disturbed by the sometimes noisy kids. It's true - library is for all of us, and it's very possible to create a library where the quiet folks feel just as happy as the louder people.