Guess who has a wish to be a librarian?

Yep, Keith Richards.  He describes how being a librarian would be his dream job in this article from Times Online.  How cool is that?

This post from Information Spaces, a blog from SLIS at Syracuse compares Rock Stars and Librarians.  My favorite comparison:

  • Rock star: Has great hair.
  • Librarian: Has great hair hidden in a bun, until she takes it down after ripping off her glasses and opening a button and kicking off her sensible shoes. At least, that’s what happens in the movies. Unless the librarian is a man, in which case they turn into a ninja or an adventurer or something when they get out of work. Or Batgirl. Which is JUST like a rock star.
See librarianship is a wicked cool career!    


bunnits said…
I love it. I must send this to my librarian friend, too.
Lupie said…
So he could have been a Rolling Stone or a librarian. What was he thinking! I know he would look better today if he would have picked the right on.
choperena said…
This rocks. I am totally sharing this with my librarian friends!