A while back I complained about not being able to order the Knit Picks Options Interchangeable Needle Connectors.

All I can say is "SUCCESS!"

The other day I was having a busy day at work and quickly ran into the office to take a swig of water.  I glanced at the email and hit refresh as I did so, the Knit Picks notification for the item showed up.  I took the two minutes to click over to Knit Picks and hit order (because I already had my shopping cart ready - yes I have been waiting for almost 2 months, sad).  And of course, as I am on the knitting website (for about 1 minute now) my boss walks in and see my screen.  Yep.  Of course.  I had been running around for HOURS running an assay, an immuno and doing cell culture.  But the two minutes to click and order my damn little connectors and my boss catches me in the act.  Oi.

Well all in all... I think it's worth it.  :)  In a few days I will have my damn little connectors!


choperena said…
Hahaha, that always happens! Well, mainly to my boss (I'm good at switching between windows). Every single time she opens up a specific project that is for a different department, my advisor (both of our's Boss) walks in and startles her.

I've been wanting to get one of those connectors, but I kind of buckled and ordered a set of Addi Clicks... I feel so frivolous spending $135 when I already have the KPI, but I've been working socks on the very sexy addi turbos all year, that I just couldn't help myself -_-;;

(as a side note, these word verification things always make me laugh. Today it's biallure!)