The Return of Wandering Wednesday!

After a little break I am back with a new rejuvenation to continue with Wandering Wednesdays.  No changes... just random things that I come across that I want to share with you!

Today I want to direct you to this:

These are cute little purses (and wallets) are made from actual books.  The creator of these unique items is Caitlin Phillip.  I found out about this from the New York Times books blog Paper Cuts (direct link to blog post).  And here is link to Caitlin's website, Rebound Designs - go there she has some really cool stuff!  And she can make custom purses if you have a favorite book that happens to be falling apart.  Very cute, creative and I'm just having a hard time figuring out which one I want first!  :)


Amy said…
Oooh I want one! I love the Sense & Sensibility one on her site, it's fab! I also noticed the handles can fold inside the bag, so it can be stored on a bookcase, SUCH a good idea :D
Daisymum said…
Those books are so cute. I am going to make a purse/bag using the case of a six pack of beer. I made the daisy cozy up as I made it. Maybe I'll post pattern for free. I only have one free pattern, maybe I'll do one more.
Anonymous said…
Those are so me! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I'm glad you liked the fiber thief - I mean squirrel! I have another blog called School Bytes about homeschooling, if you interested in reading something non-fibery -
Lupie said…
So cool! This would be a great gift for my daughter.
Glad to hear you are feeling a little better.
Sigrun said…
a great idea. I have a whole set of outdated Encyclopedia Britannica--that would make a luggage set.
I'm glad you're getting back to normal. Mom sent me the link you posted and I just haven't gotten a chance to check it out. They're so cool...Ah, an Alice purse would be great!:)