On the Final Stretch

On the final bit of my Lightweight Pullover (the one that got frogged after another body-size/image catastrophe).  Here are some quick images and as you can see, this time it fits nicely!  I am now working on the sleeves and it'll be done just in time for the 70 degree weather we'll have next week!  :)  Oi, someday I'll finish my knits during the appropriate season.  Oh and sorry for the blurry pics... I took these yesterday in isolation, so the SO couldn't take pics and now you see why I have him do it as mine come out blurry.

Oh one last thing...

I have a number of peeps expecting (first and second) children in the next several months.  A couple are really close friends and others are close family members (Kendell and Amy, just stop reading please).  :)   Any suggestions on what I should knit?  I'm not very skilled at the baby knitting, but all know I am a knitter and I'm sure they would love to have something, even little.  Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance!  


lizzzknits said…
The sweater looks great! For the babies, try the kimono in Mason-Dixon knits. Its fast and easy, and adorable in the right yarn.
Lupie said…
What a beautiful sweater and the fit is pertect.
I made these two sweaters and love
This one was fast and easy to make.
This one was designed by Lena a Lesser Known Skein.
The fabric it makes is so beautiful!
Sigrun said…
I thought the sweater was suto have cap sleeves, and I thought " oh, those sleeves are so cute". Debbie Bliss has nice kidds stuff.
Unknown said…
Thanks guys... I was a little discouraged following the first fiasco! Sigrun... I was going to keep it as a cap-sleeve because I thought it was cute, however the more I thought about it, the yarn is 100% wool and it is nice a warm... I think it'll be a colder weather sweater and thus will need sleeves. I like the pattern (it's easy and a relatively quick-knit) so I'm thinking of making a cap-sleeve one with a nice bamboo yarn! :)
adrienne said…
Oh, looking good! It will be so nice and cozy :)
love the way your sweater fits. Very flattering! As far as suggestions for baby knits, I always hit GarnStudio, Drops Designs and peruse their free patterns. have made several from the site. Quick, easy, but sometimes a bit of a puzzle to decipher as they are translated to English from Dutch, I think.
Happy knitting!
Kelli said…
Bibs. Moms always need more bibs and those cotton bibs just absorb like you wouldn't believe. They are rather easy, fairly quick, inexpensive, meant to be used hard, and loved into pieces.
Kristin said…
Your sweater looks really great! I'm glad you finally had success with this pattern.

And I will probably also be knitting something for Kendell. Maybe a hat and some booties? Hopefully, we won't end up knitting the same thing!