Wandering Wednesday: Welcome 2010

Happy Wednesday and Happy New Year!

I wanted to take today to say hello and a Happy New Year to everyone.  I wish all of you good luck and good health for 2010!

My spring semester is looking pretty crazy.  I have an RO1 and RO3 (well my BOSS has those due, I'm just contributing data to the submissions) this semester.  I have 3 classes (which I have until Friday to decide if I want to cut down to 2).  And I have low-dose radiation scheduled for late March/early April.  This has me working 10-11hrs a day then class work for another 4-6hrs each day.  My knitting is gonna be soooo pissy with me!  Needless to say I don't think I will have much time for crafting/knitting/blogging.  However, I'll check in when I can but don't be surprised if there are long gaps between posts.

So yeah, wish me luck and I'll continue to periodically check in with you guys to get some knitspiration and my knitting fix!!!  


Lupie said…
You will do just fine but remember to take time to destress.
lizzzknits said…
Knitting = Relaxation. You need some of both to get you through.