Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Happy Everything!

Just a quick blog post to say....

Happy Halloween - Happy Samhain! 

Also a big Happy Birthday to Ash!  I lovers you and missers you!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lots of Knitting Catching Up!

I missed Wandering Wednesday yesterday!  And despite my slacking... I really do hope you had a wonderful day.  I was actually a little frazzled.  I had a draft due on a paper yesterday and I started working on it Tuesday.  I usually hand shit in early, but I was late!  Well not really late, the final draft isn't due until Friday at midnight.  However this is part of a group project and I was the last to get my portion of the paper sent in!  No worries though, it was sent in and the currently we are editing and it is going great.  Homework for next week is already done for one class and half done for another.  So no stressing!  Oh, actually, next week I'll be a bit frazzled because I have an RO3 grant due (well I don't, but my boss does, so I have a couple of experiments to complete next week for the

As for knitting... well you can imagine I haven't done much because of the school work and the work work.  But I do have a couple quick updates:  

My Kraemer Sterling Silk and Silver yarn started as this shawl (Ribbon Yarn Wrap), however after completing approximately 6 inches I decided the yarn didn't want to be this. 

So I frogged.  Then I tried the Heartland Lace Shawl, a very lovely shawl.  But the yarn, pattern and I in combination were not cooperating.  I am LOOOOVING my Traveling Woman Shawl.  I seriously wear it at least once a week.  I am on such a shawl kick and I really want this yarn to be a cute shawl, so I now have this pattern, the Meandering Vines Shawl, on the needles.  Sorry for the blurry photo, the SO wasn't home to snap the pic so it's blurry, I'm holding the camera and shawl and trying to keep the bunny away from the yarn (he likes to chase the Sterling Silk and Silver ball around for some odd reason).   

We'll see how it comes out.

A couple other things have happened this week:

The back burst open and threw up the fluffy stuffing all over the floor.  I guess my betty was upset that it was so stuffed with fluff, as I did lose 20lbs during radiation.  Clearly, it too wanted to show its loss in bulk.  So a little surgery via Macgyver means (aka: more duct tape), and liposuction (or leaving out of fluff), and we now have a Suzy Betty approximate my new (or previous) weight. 

And lastly we have this cheap n' plain ole sock.  Yep just one.  I bought some cheap yarn, Red Heart (yes I bought Red Heart), Heart and Sole.  The sock yarn stuff.  It feels cheap.  It hurts my hands when I knit because it is so stiff and blah.  I did a vanilla sock pattern toe-up with an anatomically correct toe and a proper gusset.  However, I loooove the pattern stripes.  This is in colorway Toasted Almond.  Very cute.  But it will be a singular sock as I have no desire to put my hands through the torture of knitting a second one. 

I am going to Brown County with the SO this weekend so I'll probably get some knitting time in during the drive.  I'll post those pics (from BC and the knitting) when I return.  Have a great weekend! 

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wandering Wednesdays

These are pictures taken in Brown County, Indiana. The SO takes me there every year around this time because of my homesickness. These pics are from last year's trip because the SO and I are not going until the 31st of October. But I wanted to share them with you as you enjoy your Wednesday!
This little critter followed us while we hiked so I had to snap a pic, look how he loves the camera!
Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Knitspiration: Superheros!

Yep that is Spiderman, sitting in a rocking chair - Knitting! There's some knitspiration for ya!

Okay so it's not Spiderman. It's actually Mark Newport, a fiber artist who hand-knits costumes. Today while reading the Smithsonian I came across an article featuring Mark Newport. The extended web-version of the interview is located here. If you live near the Smithsonians I encourage you to check out his work, which is currently on display until January 3rd at the Renwick Craft Inventational.

I encourage you to take a quick peak at the interview. It's interesting, and it describes how he started knitting, why he knits superhero costumes and why he presents his work the way in which he does (simply hanging, limp and "lifeless"). Overall I found his artwork pretty cool! Knitspiring if you ask me!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dude what is going on?!?!

I was out of isolation for 3 days! Three whole days of glorious freedom!

I went to work on Tuesday and Wednesday and everything was great. I felt like I could conquer anything in the world. Yoga practice was going great as well. Then, midway through Wednesday I suddenly felt sick. Wicked sick. On Thursday, I (one who never calls the doctor) actually called the doctor to come in. She doesn't know if I have a cold with flu-like symptoms, or the flu, all of which are exacerbated by my compromised immune system from radiation. I'm a little peeved 'cause I told everyone at work to please wash hands and stuff because I'm still with a weak immune system. But who knows, I could have caught something while at the grocery store Saturday, out at the dance show on Sunday, at school on Monday, or at work. All I know is that it sucks! I slept most of Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I've been awake most of today but have been coughing non-stop. The SO bought me a bunch of OTC's (because the antibiotics the Doctor gave me is doing shit). So right now, I think i'm a little tipsy from the concoction I have brewed. However, Vicks Vapor Rub is rockin' my world right now, that shit has helped (still coughin' but it feels heavenly after feeling like hell the past few days). Hopefully this will clear up overnight so I don't have to go back to see the doctor tomorrow! Plus I am so sick of staying home! I need to get back to school and work!

10/19/09 --- Edited to add:
I forgot to add in a Happy Birthday to my Little Brother -- he's now 26!! Not so little anymore!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wandering Wednesday

I can't believe it is already Wednesday!

Every autumn I get wicked home sick. Fall is absolutely beautiful in New England and I get a little depressed (not clinically, just used as an expression) every year at about this time. I probably will continue to get weepy every fall until the SO and I move out to the Northeast.

So for today I thought I'd grab some images of pictures painted by the Hudson River School Artists. I love their work. I think I have expressed my love for Fredrick E. Church on this blog in previous posts. So here I thought I'd spread some love for the Hudson River School artists... there are too many awesome pictures to choose from but here are a few.

Enjoy and have a wonderful Wednesday.

Thomas Moran (1837-1926)

Under Trees (The Autumnal Woods)

1865 - oil on canvas 40" x 34"

Frederick Church

Niagara Falls

1857 - oil on canvas

Frederick Church

New England Scenery

1851 - oil on canvasFredrick Church


1875 - oil on canvas

Asher B. Durand
Kindred Spirits
1849 - oil on canvas

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Sunday my peep Kate and I went on a special trip. She got me addicted to So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) last season. So for Season 5, we started a new ritual of watching SYTYCD together. To our surprise and enjoyment we found out Season 5 Tour would be stopping by our neck of the cornfields... yep the tour actually made a stop here in Indianapolis! So of course we had to go! We were a little nervous that my radiation would interfere with our "habit/addiction." But all was good, we drove down together, with me rockin' out in the backseat. We even went out to eat... no fears, I brought my own plastic ware as to not contaminate any of the restaurants' flatware. BTW... I'm no longer emitting gamma rays, so I'm no longer endangering people. Just a little beta waves here and there, as long as I don't share saliva with someone... hence the OCDish ways with the own plastic ware!


Here is a pic of the stage.
I didn't get any pics of the performances, I was too amazed. Also I'm not one of those crazy people who take FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY DURING PERFORMANCES! Why do people do that?!?!? They say no flash photography during the performance for a reason. Obviously those people have never been on stage for a performance. A flash is NOT good! It can either mess you up (I know a good performer should not be easily interrupted, but come on), or if the flash is bright enough it can blind the performer making them mess up. So yeah no photos of the performances but believe me, it was AWESOME!

And they did many of the great dances from the season. Even the Breast Cancer dance, which of course I started crying about 2 eight counts in. And Addictions, and oh, so good ones! Here are some pics that I cribbed from online:
Kate and I didn't leave the place empty handed. We both bought a red SYTYCD shirt (although the picture looks pink, it's actually a light faded red). We are totally gonna rock the shirt out on Wednesdays when we watch the show! BTW - work already thinks we are crazy so this won't faze them a bit.
And finally, here is the happy and super excited couple at the show.
BTW - today is her BDay -- Happy Birthday Kate!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Lots of Little Bits

I haven't knit in like 2 weeks! I couldn't really knit while in radiation (for obvious reasons... it' wouldn't be nice to give someone a knitted garment that was just radiated). So I have not been able to pick up my sticks and strings! Yeah, it's been hard. Isolation would be so much easier if I could just knit! But what's even harder is knowing that I have all these little bits and pieces of projects so close to completion! Hopefully I can finished a couple of these things this week now that I can finally have some Tender-Loving-Knitting-Time (TLKT)!

Just to update everyone: I am finally out of isolation. I am finally able to go back to school (YAY!) and work (little yay). I had my body scan last week and everything is as it should be, I had some "glowing" going on in the thyroid region. So hopefully the radiation is now in the process of "killing" that damn tissue. Basically now we wait. In 6 months I go back for another body scan to see if the radiation worked. Six months is a long time to wait... but hey I can't complain, I'm out of radiation and I'm feeling good! Thank you soooo much for all the love and support. I heart you all so much!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wandering Wednesday

Bunny Love!

These commercials are for a cell phone company in Canada called Telus. These commercials were brought to my attention by RabbitPrincess on Ravelry.

Carrot accident
Bunny love
Christmas party
Musical notes

Have a great Wednesday!

Monday, October 5, 2009

New Yarn!

Before I went into isolation I thought some shopping therapy would help.

Look what I bought!
Yarn: Mini Mochi by Crystal Palace Yarns.
It is wool (80%) and nylon (20%). Super soft - I've been calling it My Squishy as I squish, squish, squish it. I bought two balls in color 109 - treasure chest. Not sure what I'm going to make yet, but Ravelry shows lots of projects, so I'm sure I'll get knitspired from something.
This yarn is made of 63% superwash merino, 20% silk, 15% nylon, and 2% real silver. Yep, supposedly this has real silver! This picture does not really give this yarn justice. The way in which the silver strands catch the light is so pretty. You should see this yarn in person because it is pretty. For this bit of lovely I'm thinking about making a shawl! I bought two skeins, however one skein is 100 grams or 420yards! So I am hoping the two skeins will make a full sized shawl.
Wow, wow, wow! Fine merino wool at it's finest! This is so incredibly soft! I bought colorway 3842, Capao Bonito. Unfortunately I only found 2 skeins in this colorway. I'm not 100% sure what I am going to knit with this but if I can get my hands on a couple more skeins you will see a project soon!
These lovelies were purchased at River Knits, my favorite local yarn shop. I had a gift certificate from Kate (thank you! I love you!) from my birthday - yeah I'm a little late on spending that one.
I also went to Knit Stop in Indianapolis. Having a Monday evening class (and not going to work on Monday) is kinda dangerous... I can drive to this shop anytime! While at Knit Stop I purchased several skeins of Sublime in extra fine merino wool dk. This stuff is soft! I have a project in mind for this beauty... I'm just waiting for the pattern to come to me via snail mail. Be on the lookout!
For a person who doesn't really purchase stuff, let alone stuff to stash, I think I went a little nutty! But honestly I think I will use all of these for upcoming projects. Besides shopping therapy for radiation therapy is always a good thing that needs no justification. :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Yes I Can Turn a Football Trip into a Fiber Trip

You are probably weirded out right now because most of you know I'm not big on the religion front. But... that is TouchDown Jesus! A couple of weeks ago, the SO and I took a trip to Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana. I love going to college and university campuses. It's the geek in me. I have always wanted to visit Notre Dame, the SO loves ND football, and I wanted to go on a mini-trip prior to isolation so it was a great trip to take!
So as mentioned that is TouchDown Jesus, a mural on Hesburgh Library that is seen from the stadium. OMG - the library. They have a special collection of rare books from Roman Catholic Church history, law, Irish studies and so much more! They also have ancient manuscripts from Egyptian, Greek and Roman times. Ohhhh.... amazing! But of course, I couldn't go in because it closed on weekends, but maaaaan! So cool!

It was a beautiful day to spend at a beautiful campus. Look - Even the dorms look beautiful!

This was a sculpture that we found on campus. It is a compass that shows the date, time of day as well as the time of the year as based on the sun's position. Around the compass they had places and distances to these cities.
I found one for Seoul, Korea, which is where Mumma Roy is from. And where that side of the family is located.

And I found Boston and Hartford. My 'rents live in NH, wicked close to Boston. And my best friend is in Norwalk, wicked close to Hartford. This just kinda reminded me how far away I am from you guys!!

Later that afternoon we went to the College Football Hall of Fame, also located in South Bend, IN. Many of you know how much I love football, and all sports. So this place was wicked cool.

We learned about the history of football as well as college football. Not surprising, football, soccer, and rugby all have origins in the same game which was started in Europe.

Here are some of the early items used as a football. Yes, that includes a skull, rock, cow's bladder and hardened cow patties!

Here are some of the more modern day footballs. Guess what... Some of the early footballs were hand sewn!

Speaking of handmade. Some of the early equipment and uniforms were all hand sewn, knit or woven! The SO looooved me as I ran around snapping pictures of all the handmade items.

Here is an early uniform. Most of which is handmade. And check out the socks....

Knitted socks! They even look handmade! I love it! (told you I could turn a football trip into fiber goodness).

The FHoF also had a "hands on" area. The SO and I had a little fun.

I found out I cannot kick. Surprising because I loved playing soccer. But damn can I throw and catch! The SO is much better on the kicking front. Maybe if we ever procreate we'll have an athlete with our combined abilities!

As I said, we had a little fun at the place....

I love football! Especially when I can tie football and fiber fun together!