Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Not So Wandering Once Again

Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone! Thank you for all the support, kind words and positive thoughts. You are all so sweet and amazing!

Thank you Lesser Known Skeins, you guys rock!

Mum don't worry I'm all good. As an FYI, Mumma Roy has been checking the blog DAILY because she is worried and checking on my blog posts is apparently a way to gauge my status. So don't worry Mum I'm here, kickin', and I will have a number of posts in the next week or so.

And here is the status update:

I'm once again RadioActive Girl!

A couple hours ago I received the high dose of radioiodine so I'm back home in my little room. I'll be isolated for a couple of days. I'm really looking forward to eating normal food. I think I have to wait a couple of days but I can handle that. I've lost a total of 14lbs! It's nothing too bad as I'm back to my original weight before the thyroid nightmare last year.

The SO has been great. He has taken me to all of my doctor appointments and sitting there listening and asking the right questions when I forget. Having him there has been my saving point. And while I'm in isolation he will be making my food and taking care of me. He's such a great guy! Here's a pic of the SO and Kyle Bunny... I gave both big hugs and kisses this morning prior to getting radiated.

Well, this post won't be too long because honestly consuming radiation makes one a little queasy. Just wanted to say hi and thank you and I promise to have a couple posts soon!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Checking In

Hey there! I know Wandering Wednesdays is lame if I have no other fiber content; so no Wandering Wednesdays this week... but will return next week. I've have been wicked busy due to school, work and cancer crap. Yep, it's carcinoma. Such a freakin' ugly word! I got the diagnosis on Monday and since then I have been working on insurance coverage and doctor scheduling. I'll be going into radiation next week, starting Wednesday. So be on the look out for more posts and knitting while I'm in recovery/isolation. Also look for more comments on your blogs as I take that time to catch up and see what all of you are doing. I miss you all and can't wait to catch up with you! So take care, wish me luck with radiation next week (I'll explain more next Wednesday/Thursday) and "see" you all soon!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Not so Wandering Wednesday: Isolation

Hey there!
I was worried that I wasn't going to get today's post done. But due to some miscommunication with the doctor and nuclear medicine.... I present to you: Not so Wandering Wednesday!

Here's a rundown of my week thus far:

Monday and Tuesday I went to the doctors to get shots of Thyrogen, a recombinant TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). The past few weeks, as you've heard me bitch, I've been on the low iodine diet. So now, I have (well lets hope DON'T have) thyroid tissue that is super-duper stimulated (by the TSH) and that is craving iodine (the only tissue that takes up iodine is ironically thyroid tissue). Today I went to nuclear medicine and was given a low dose of radioactive iodine, which in theory, will get "sucked up" by any super sensitive thyroid tissue. Then on Friday I will be going for a whole body scan which will show any "lit up areas" as tissue/aka cancer tissue.

So really not too bad. I get a little nauseous from the RAI pill, but that might be more psychological than actual. However, I'm peeved because of the miscommunication between my doctors, nuclear medicine and the nurses.

1 - Thyrogen was $2000 (thank goodness for insurance!). Anyone with a bit of endocrine knowledge will know that hormones have a very short half-life. TSH is around 72hrs. So I have to question nurses who say the Thyrogen will still work 1.5 weeks post-administration. Radiation in 1.5 weeks will work? Hmmm....

2 - I was told I could go into work after today's low dose of radiation. As long as I took precautions, such as staying away from people and drinking water to flush it out of my system. But no, today I was told by nuclear medicine that I need to stay home today. Stay 7 feet away from everyone for the next few days. Use plastic utensils and such for a few days. Shower a couple time a day. Essentially the same stuff as if I had therapy dose of RAI, just for a couple days rather than a week. It would have been nice to have notification of this earlier. Hmmmm....

But I guess it's not too bad. I basically sit in the office (a room rarely used in our apartment) and watch tv (today I have a couple seasons of Ducktales on DVD!). And I have a couple knitting projects that I have to finish up and blog about! Between that and maybe doing some homework to get ahead I think my day in isolation will go just fine. So that's why today is Not so Wandering, because I'm here isolated in a room!

The one thing that does wicked suck: I can't give any hugs or kisses to my two dudes! SO and Kyle bunny... I heart you guys!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wandering Wednesday & Knitspiration

Happy Wednesday Folks!

Today I have something different: Wandering Wednesday & Knitspiration all in one!

Tonight (Wednesday, September 9th), the Sundance channel is going to have a documentary on Sonia Rykiel.

The Sundance channel is showing a four-part documentary series called The Day Before, directed by Loic Prigent. The documentary gives an inside look at the creative process and the drama that occurs prior to a runway show. Each night this week, in the spirit of Fashion Week, Sundance will play a part at 10pm, each part focusing on a different fashion designer.

The one set for tonight caught my eye because it is on Sonia Rykiel, who is also known as The Queen of Knits. I have heard of her, and after I Google searched, I found that I really dig some of her stuff. I will probably DVR the documentary tonight and watch it some time this weekend. If you can, try to catch a bit of it tonight and let me know what you think. Maybe I'll do a review... maybe....

(Image from:

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Knittin' n' a Draftin'

Labor Day weekend is always fun. There is the grilling, friends, family and even the retail sales. But what is the best thing about Labor Day weekend?

It's Fantasy Football Draft time!

This is the weekend where most of my NFL fantasy football leagues schedule their drafts. So this weekend I will be busy draftin' my players. And in between those little 2-5 minute picks I will be a-knittin'!

I am currently sick as a dog. I'm not sure if my immune system is shot because of the cancer shit, working 60+ hrs plus school work or if these are just bad allergies. But dudes, no worries because I got new jeans (yes I actually went into a mall - and thank you Mumma Roy, the Christmas gift card was finally used). I found a new pattern to knit. And I made up my eyes in this amazing blue-green eyeshadow. Pair that with football all weekend... This isn't too bad!
Who says a girl can't play fantasy ball and knit at the same time?!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wandering Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

For today I have a website called Dear Thyroid, for you to peruse. They have a website, blog and Twitter site where people with thyroid woes can rant and get out their emotions. The list of thyroid conditions include everything and anything including thyroid disease, hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, hyperthyroidism, Graves ’ disease, Graves’ eye disease, toxic nodules or goiters, thyroidectomies and thyroiditis and thyroid cancer, just to name a few.

I have not yet sent my angry letter to my thyroid. Maybe because I use humor to deal with my thyroid woes. But still it's a good website to occasional look at to know I am not the only one dealing with thyroid issues.

Oh, I've had a few people ask about food prior to and after the LID. I found out about the possible tissue, and therapy schedule, last Thursday and that I would start the LID on Friday. So Thursday night I pigged out on Thai food... sooo much green curry! And following the LID I'm thinking about going out for sushi one evening and fondue (cheese followed by chocolate) another evening. I'm sure the list will grow as the 2 weeks go on but that's what I'm thinking right now! :)

Okay, now that I have blabbered on and on I wish you a fabulous Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Betty Time

So yesterday was a bit of a sour post so I'll try to make things up today. I worked on a different type of project last weekend instead of my knitting and I thought you'd want to see!

I have always wanted a dress form so I might attempt to re-alter some of my old clothes. Unfortunately the dress forms in stores cost too much for my itty-bitty research tech budget. So after perusing the wonders of Google I found this site that describes how to make your own betty dress form! All it takes is an old, oversized shirt, duct tape, scissors and a good friend. After skimming the directions I grabbed the SO and told him to tape me up!
After he stopped giving me the "You are F'ing crazy" look, he happily duct taped me up. Not not in that odd sexual way, but in the "I get to tape her up and she can't move" sort of way. And after a short while we had this:
BTW -- that's my Wonder Woman/Suzy cheerleader pose from back in the day.
After we finished the taping the SO ****carefully**** made a cut along the back, from bottom to top. Once we got me out of the thing we re-taped the cut and I started stuffing the bitch. Do you know how much stuffing goes in there?!?! Did NOT make me feel too good about the whole body image thing. Of course, I ran out of the batting stuffing stuff. But a quick trip to the big box craft place the next day let me finish my betty dress form.
I think the tape accentuates my boob-age area... trust me I'm not that well endowed in that area. It might be how the SO taped that area... not quite sure. But it actually is a pretty good representation of my figure. I think I'm quite pleased with the results. So if you want a dress form I highly suggest trying it out. It doesn't cost much and it's quick and easy!
FYI: I should tell you to NOT leave the dress form in a dark room on top of something that makes it human height. It might scare the be-jeaves out of you if you forget it is in there. Not that I would know from the terrifying experience... ! Just wanted to put that out there as a precaution! :)