Friday, June 26, 2009

Warning: Explicit Picture

********************Warning: Explicit Photos********************

Sacha Baron Cohen attended the Berlin premire of his new movie, Bruno, wearing a full body, anatomically correct body suit! The full article is here. There are some more photos from the Huffington Post. Freakin' hillarious! I'm still looking for more information about the designer of these body suits because that's great! I'll post the info when I find it.

Code Pink Radical Knitting

I don't remember if I ever wrote about the Mother's Day event that I took part in.

A while back CODEPINK Women for Peace had a protest against the war planned for Mothers Day that involved knitting. They wanted to get pink and green knitted swatches to create a cozy to cover the fence in front of the White House that said "We will not raise our children to kill another mother's child."

The template (I googled and found this image of their template here):
I saw this call out for swatches, so I knit a swatch for me as well as one in honor of my mum. The second link for CODEPINK has a bunch of videos and pictures of the actual cozy getting sewn toghter as well as being put up in front of the White House on Mother's Day.
I used some acrylic yarn that I found in the back of the closet for both 4"x4" swatches. One was a basic basket weave type of stitch pattern. The other was a simple eyelet pattern. Both patterns were found in 200 Knitted Blocks (Ravelry link).

So I am very against the war (sorry to bring politics into this blog... I try to keep it from swaying that way), but I don't agree with EVERYTHING that this group does. However, I thought this project was a meaningful on an important day. So I was glad to contribute my 2 little swatches to a day with a loud voice and big meaning.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wandering Wednesdays

Have you ever seen the end of a rainbow?

This past weekend my peep Kate and I took a trip to Chicago. On our way home we saw 3 rainbows! 2 of the rainbows we actually saw both ends! I have never seen an actual arched rainbow, let alone the whole thing AND both ends. We wanted to jump out of the car and run to the ends to grab the pots of gold...
...come on we can dream, right!?!

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Harry Potter Exhibition

On Sunday, my peep Kate and I drove up to Chicago to the Museum of Science and Industry to see the Harry Potter Exhibition!!! ...Oh, and as an FYI, beware of flocks of suicidal birds in Indiana. On our way up to Chicago a flock of birds, lead by the Jim Jones of birds, flew INTO the grille of the car, one even flew up and ricocheted off the windshield as it flew over the hood. It sounded like a bunch of beanbags getting pummeled into the car. I think I will forever be afraid of birds swooping down near me.

Anyways, after our scare with Hitchcock's Birds, we made it to Chicago and The Exhibit!

The exhibit was wicked cool! If you are a fan of the Harry Potter books &/or movies you must see the exhibit! It had props from the movies as well as some sneak peaks at some of the props used in the upcoming Half-Blood Prince movie. So, so cool! Only crappy thing... a little thing called copyright laws. We couldn't take pictures in the exhibit. I did get one item on the digital... The Flying Ford!
However, because of the awesome powers of Google Images, I have found some pics of the exhibition of the things we saw:

Quidditch captains uniform worn by Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe), from
Other Quidditch uniforms worn in films (from

Marauder's Map and Harry's Wand (from

We saw upcoming movie props and outfits, such as Professor Slughorns outfit (
In addition to props and costumes, they had a couple interactive areas. We walked into Hargrids Hut and sat in Hagrid's chair. In the another area that had information about Quidditch we tossed Quaffles through the three hoops (with the scoring sounds with you hit the mark!). And in the Herbology area we "uprooted" Mandrake roots. There was so much stuff! I can't even tell you everything that we saw. Have I mentioned it was cool? :)

And the WICKED cool part... The hand knitted gear! So many items were hand knitted! Unfortunately I cannot find any pictures on Google (don't worry, I'll keep looking). But seriously, Ron's sweaters, Professor Trelawney socks and many more things! Ooh, and beanie hats! Kate was getting annoyed at me pointing out all of the knitted garments... but for real! It was cool (again, have I mentioned that?!) .

Funny story, we were (of course) some of the first people to enter the exhibit, the only people in front of us were an older couple. However, before entering into the actual exhibit we had to wait in a room for the rest of the group to get "Sorted" before entering. As we were standing there waiting, the guy leans over to his wife and points to the Sorting Hat and says "What is that thing?" Kate, (let me remind you we are less than 2 feet from the couple and the only other people in the room) goes "OHMYGOD! He doesn't even know what it is!!!!" Yep, embarrassing.

But it's okay because there was more embarrassment throughout the day. At one point we came up to a huge arch and simultaneously we grabbed each other and started shrieking "It's the GREAT HALL!!!!" The people around us just looked at us and just shook their heads. So yeah, between that and the shrieking and giggling like two little school girls... good times. Good thing the SO wasn't with us (although I have a story for you about that one... Once he writes it, I'll link you to his blog so you can read the story).

I didn't spend too much money (good thing too because the SO went crazy while I was out of the state. Again, I will direct you to his blog post so you can scold him. He deserves it). Kate and I wanted to purchase a Nimbus 2000 (or 2001 which ever would have made me happy). Then we wanted wands. Then we wanted Time-turner necklaces. Well we finally decided on matching Gryffindor House ties. It looks kinda hot with a tiny tanktop. Or it looks great tied in your hair like a headband (all the girls working in the exhibition, one had great British accents, and two had the ties in their hair... too cute!). OR it looks wicked cute tied like a belt! See multi-purpose purchase! :)

Wicked fun exhibition. Highly recommended. Can't wait to go again... yep again. The SO wants to go! Whoo-hoooo!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wandering Wednesdays

Here are a few pics from my day outside this past Saturday. I should try to get outside today... so should you!
I hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random Drawing Itch

Recently I had this random urge to draw. Weird I know. I used to take lots of art classes; not that the quality of my drawings and paintings speaks much for the amount classes I've taken. Last time I had the urge to paint the SO and I ended up with this huge canvas painting, of course done my yours truly, taking up a wall in our living room. Anyways, this urge was so compelling that it brought me to one of those big box stores (yep, the very ones I try to avoid) to purchase some paper and pencils.
Here are a few of the sketches. The first one is a shading practice. The second is the start of a still life sketching, of an elephant sculpture that I own. And the last is the outline of my bunny diva. Not sure how to draw fur so we'll see how this goes!
It's nothing spectacular, but wanted to show you guys that the lack of knitting is okay because I'm still have other random things for my creative outlet!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Update post: Mumma Roy Visit

I never updated a post about Mumma Roy's visit! Mum came out to visit us back in May and oh my did we have fun!

We had a day trip to Chicago, of course. Last time Mum came out for a visit, her and I did a quick day on the Magnificent Mile. This time the SO came with us, however, we got him a ticket to see his Cubbies up at Wrigley. So he took the subway to North Chicago, while Mum and I had fun in Millennium Park! Good day for all!

We were fortunate enough to go on a day when the Art Institute was free to the public because it was the grand opening day of the new Modern Wing. Mum and I spent HOURS just wandering around the Chicago Art Institute looking at everything that we could. I was able to show her a painting by my favorite artist, Frederic E Church, a Hudson River School artist. Beautiful.
Funny times, I pointed out American Gothic, and Mum was like, yeah yeah I've seen that everywhere. I looked at her and said "No, Mum, that's the original." She then shakes her head and was like "Oh, shit, wow!" Later in the day I showed her the HUGE statue replica of American Gothic that I posted about earlier. Her response then "Are you freakin shitting me?!?! Su, get a picture of me in front of them." I have to steal a bunch of pics off her camera... I'll post those later on.
Her and I had fun at Millennium Park:

And that evening, the SO met up with us and we took her to the Sears Tower. We got there about 45mins before sunset so we saw the skyline in daylight,
At sunset,
Pic op for the SO and me:

And we saw the city lights. We were obviously there for a little while.

That was all just one day...

Another day I took her around Purdue Campus. We both forgot our cameras... Oops! But it was nice to walk about and show her the place. I also took her into lab (actually she came in to work with me a number of times). I showed her how to run DNA through agarose gels, extract and purify the DNA, how to inoculate cultures, split and treat cells. Oh yeah, Mumma Roy got a crash course on molecular and cellular biology this week!

The big thing for the week was the Elton John - Billy Joel, Face 2 Face concert. We saw Elton John AND Billy Joel!!! It was SUCH a great concert. Mum couldn't contain herself, she was jumping out of her seat dancing and singing to the songs. It was wicked fun. We went with the SO's rents.... and believe it or not, they got along! Mostly because Mum did her own thing and danced the whole night. Unfortunately, we forgot our cameras again. Actually, Mum remembered hers, but forgot batteries! AHHH! Oh and Mum confessed her crush for Billy Joel, ew!!!! hehehe....

I also took Mum to the day spa. You know my favorite place, Evan Todd. I love Aveda products! We went for a Mother-Daughter spa day with massages. Hmmmm...... no pictures needed, just know that we left that place walking on pillows!

I had a great time with Mum. I left out a lot because I could have gone on and on about the great time that we had. I think we spoiled her a little much though, sunset in the Sears Tower, Face 2 Face concert, massage day, Korean, Thai and Greek foods all week. Man! Now you know where I got my taste for the high life! Luv you Mum! Can't wait till we do it again next year!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A taste of some things to come....

I have a day/evening to myself!

This rare "alone time" day is because the SO is out with his fraternity boys (yeah, he's one of those...although if you knew him you wouldn't think so) for his best friends' bachelor party. But have no fear, we have the bachelorette party coming up in a few weekends! :)

A while back I told you guys that I have been busy. Well it is because I've come to some decisions as well as some realizations. First, I have decided that it is time (or the student loan and credit card companies have decided for me, not sure which is which) to get a second, part-time, job. I'm still working full-time as a lab tech, but I have realized that the bills are not getting any smaller! Funny how I once thought you made money in science.... So I found a part-time just and I can't give too many details because of confidentially laws. But it is pretty good paying and a couple hours in the evening scoring standardized tests. Yep those things we all hated in grade school. Well, I now grade those. Can't say too much more, but it has been .... interesting. :)

Second, I have decided what I want to be when I grow up. Well, kinda, at least for now. You see, I love science and research but I am finding that I love science, research and information, rather than the actual doing. So after lots of thinking and doing research on careers I have decided to go back to school and get another masters degree. I am planning on applying to Library Science programs to eventually, hopefully, be a medical/health information librarian. I'm pretty excited about this idea. I am currently in the process of applying to programs, so I will tell you guys more as I start this journey!

Third, I have been volunteering at the local public library during that spare time that I have. Really it's just for a couple hours on the weekends. Even though I don't plan on going into the public librarianship sector, I figured I really should start volunteering (Obama and others really hit it home for me on MLK day showing the importance of service). I had been bugging the SO for over a year about volunteering in our community. So once I made this decision about a future in librarianship I decided that I could volunteer at the West Lafayette Public Library for some experience. It's actually fun. I go in for a couple of hours and just help out with whatever needs to be done. It's mostly the re-shelving of books, magazine and dvds. And do any little project the head librarians leave for me to do.

So now that I have caught you up on most things you can see why I am amazed that I can have a day to relax. I have just come home from lab and the library and now I am sitting outside, enjoying the nice weather. I have the golf course to my left and I have to admit I like watching the golfers struggle at this hole! It's nice to enjoy an afternoon, sitting, writing, listening to the birds (and the occasional cursing golfer). It's about time I'm getting some natural vitamin D to help absorb/metabolize all of that calcium I have been consuming. My endocrinologist will be proud of me. Here is proof that I really did get outside:
What else for today? I just rented a few documentaries and anime dvds and I think I will order Thai food tonight and plan on relaxing the evening away!

But for now, I'm going to go back to writing my personal essays for the grad school applications... but first, I'll leave you with a taste of some knitting. I have short little 15 minute breaks during my evening part-time job, so I've been working on this little number on those breaks. I almost have one done and soon to have the second... you'll find out more about this project later!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Magic Loop Magic Loop

Ha! I figured it out all on my own!

I know many of you have been using the magic loop method for a long time. But I never actually knew how to do it; only thing I knew was that it involved a wicked long circular needle. Other than that, I was pretty clueless. Last night I was working on my sweater (details to come soon!) and I finished the body and got to the sleeves. This cardi is knit in the round so I just had to pick up the sleeve stitches left on the holders. Well little did I know that I did NOT have dpns in a size 5 (blasphemy I know!). Unfortunately it was about 10:30pm and thus no knitting store was open. Because I was knitting this cardi on my interchangeable Denise needles there was only one option... figure out that weird magic loop method.

After a few mishaps and a few stretched out stitches I finally used my head and realized the geometry of what is actually going on. You have a knitted circle that has a circumference smaller than the circumference of the length of the circular needles. Thus, you have to have the longer lengths of the needle cord on either side of the knitting in order to have your knitting retain the shape. Okay writting that out made NO sense. But it did make sense in my head last night!

As I'm writing this post I googled "magic loop method" and I have found a number of videos and posts that describe how to do this elegant method of knitting. Check it out. Other people have taken more time to describe and show how this method is done... much better than what I have done here!

Learning this new method is kinda cool -- I know, that's the dork in me, I love to learn new things! I might -MIGHT- now have the courage to try out magic loop on my next pair of socks. Not sure, I really love knitting socks on my dpns. But I guess I could try it out... it's not going to hurt to try!

hmmm... maybe someday I'll even try knitting 2 socks at 1 time.... oh boy! :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wandering Wednesday

I am almost done with a project... I have two sleeves to finish, a little blocking and then a FO post.... almost there!

For today's Wandering Wednesday I thought I'd share the 3/50 project with you.

On Tuesday, the SO and I went out to lunch at Main Street Cheese and Wine Shop. It is a cute little local shop that uses local products (such cheese from Fair Oaks Farm, wine from many local wineries, snack goods from local Amish farms... yum, yum, yum!). We occasionally patron this shop, mostly for the grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. Because I'm low on calcium and I am suppose to up my vitamin D and calcium intake, we thought grilled cheese for lunch would fit the bill. :)

As we were getting ready to leave I noticed a little flyer sitting on the checkout counter so I just grabbed it and left. Once we got back to the car and I had a chance to read what it said, well let me tell you, it blew me away. It made me think (as scary as that may seem)....

Simple enough, and yet so profound! Here is the link to the homepage of the 3/50 Project. I also looked up Cinda Baxter's original blog post (posted March 11, 2009). I encourage you to visit that original blog post.

Basically this has really got me thinkin' about strengthening the local economy. The SO and I already patron many of the local restaurants, stores and markets. But as always we can all do more. The $50 a month pledge is easy enough as we already do that. I think the SO and I are going to try keep that pledge of spending at least $50 a month at local businesses. But also I think we can try to remember to patron local businesses first, before we head out the the big box stores. It should be pretty easy for us to do as we have already been tyring to do that. I am also planning to spread the word about this wicked cool idea. I'm going to start by posting here, on my blog, for all of you to see. I also plan on spreading the word via Facebook (of course!) and to all my co-workers and peeps. And I encourage all of you to also spread the word about this campaign. The small businesses and local economies are what keeps our communities, as well as our country going.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wandering Wednesday

Hi all! I'm back! I know I have been MIA as of late. I do have good excuses: Mumma Roy visited, I started a second (part-time) job, started volunteering on weekends and decided to apply to new graduate programs.

Whoa... lots there. And I will tell you all about it in more detail later. Because of all that has been going on, I haven't been knitting. So, I hope to start knitting again soon!

Meanwhile, I'll begin by posting a new Wandering Wednesday for you. Did you know that June is celebrated as Great Outdoors Month (2009 GOM)? I didn't either! Well, now we both know. So what are you going to do to celebrate Great Outdoors Month? I think the SO and I will celebrate by finally taking the bikes out, dusting them off, pumping up the tires and bike riding to the Farmers Market on Saturdays. Let me know how you are going to get some Vitamin D and get into the Great Outdoors!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!