Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wandering Wednesdays

I have a big post coming soon. I just need some time to upload photos and actually write it. But I promise to have it up soon -- and you won't be disappointed, I have some exciting news.

For today I want to show you a site I found. It's another one of my disgustingly cute blog sites:
LOL Bunnies

So enjoy that random thing today and be on the lookout for my next post!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wandering Wednesdays

Happy Earth Day!

I have mixed feelings about this day. You see, the SO and I try to live in the most environmentally conscious way possible. For the past two years we have slowly been changing our habits such as: reducing consumption of goods, recycling and reusing items, changing all of our light bulbs, reducing the number of electrical vampires, purchasing local goods from local businesses, showering together (hehe), riding bikes to work, eating more vegetarian meals and the list goes on and on.

This year for Earth Day the SO and I decided to try a no lights day. Basically this morning and evening we have a no lights rule. Candle (and right now computer screen) light only. Cooking dinner tonight was a little interesting! But grilling tofu on the Foreman, cooking couscous and cutting up cucumber wasn't too hard! It was different, but not too bad, and really we should do this more often! Kyle has been having a BLAST! I think the dark is making him more hyper as he has been running around like crazy!

So why am I mixed about this day? Here is my Jiminy Cricket moment, "every day should be Earth Day." But nonetheless, I am glad that we have such a day. For instance, when I joined my lab, they wasted so much! Simple things such as plastic and paper would get chucked into the trash. Items that could be reused would also get chucked. When I became lab tech that all changed, but my labmates could still get better. And I know that even with my daily griping they still need work. Most people don't have an annoying lab tech to bug them about this stuff every day. So I know, that many others out there could also do better. So even though Grist (see below) says Screw Earth Day, and yes in a way I agree, I think we still need to embrace the day rather than screwing it.

My favorite sites for environmental news and ideas? Grist, Treehugger and NPR. Go check it out, the are great sites! But also who am I talking to here? Knitters mostly. And come on, I know you guys rock in terms of being conscious of local businesses and goods and just overall being creative and environmentally aware!
So today for Wandering Wednesdays I leave you in the dark with me... but for today, I think it's a good thing. :)

(The SO was happy to model our dark living room for all of you!).

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bettie Lace Stockings - Oh MY!


I finally finished the Oh my Lacy Stockings! It took me a whole month but I finished these babies and boy do I love them! The lace pattern is very simple but cute. And best thing of all: They actually fit my bulgy calf muscles. And the yarn is sooooo luxurious! I love these stockings (have I mentioned that yet?).

I did these a little different than my normal. I started the first stocking and halfway up the leg I actually CO the second stocking. I figured this way I could remember the increases and changes in needles. I ended up changing needle sizes a couple of times.

Pattern: Bettie Lace Stockings by Hana Jason, from Interweave Knits spring 2009
Yarn: Louet Gems, in Pink Panther
Needle: Started with the 2.00 mm and changed to 2.25, 2.50 and 2.75mm as needed.
Started: March 10, 2009
Finished: April 10, 2009 (bought the ribbon on 4/17 - but knitting took me a month)

So I do have to confess something. I have NO idea when, to where or with what I would wear these stockings. You see I don't wear cute outfits. I'm a sporty, jeans, t-shirt and kicks (aka: sneakers), kind of girl. I GUESS I could wear a skirt. But that would mean I would have to purchase one... I guess I need to go shopping! :)
Doesn't matter, I still love my new stockings!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wandering Wednesdays

Okay I did not take these pictures of the sunrise this morning. I took these pictures this past Saturday on our way to the fiber festival (posted yesterday). But I thought it would be nice to see some pretty pictures on this Wandering Wednesday... have a great day! :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Greencastle Fiber Event

This past Saturday I traveled to Greencastle to attend The Fiber Event. This was my first fiber festival of any kind and it was exciting!

Greencastle is a small little podunk-town in Indiana. I didn't think I'd be able to find it, but come to find out, it is the town where the SO spent four years attending undergrad, Depauw University. Therefore, the SO was lucky as I dragged him to the fiber festival. He was a good sport though.... but I really need to find a fiber buddy! :)

So yes, first time attending one of these types of things. And I have to say, even though this one was small, I was still overwhelmed! There was so much yarn! And man, the rovings! So much fiber from so many local (from around Indiana and the midwest region) farms, artists and shops. It was so cool! The SO was a little embarrassed of me running around squishing and feeling all of the yarn. And the whole taking pictures things, wheww! He would have crawled under the closest rock and hid there all day. But I did manage to snap a few quick pics of some of the outside vendors:
I also saw some alpaca (oh so cute!).

And the cutest little angora bunny that looked like a Fraggle Rock:

The lady even let me hold FR (Fraggle Rock). She was so soft and cuddly! Don't tell my bun, or the SO, I briefly thought about getting another bunny!

After walking through the 3 "buildings" of vendors two times, I felt a little more relaxed. I'm telling you, I was really overwhelmed by all of the stuff I saw! If I were a spinner (hopefully I never pick up that craft as I have enough stuff to keep me busy), I would have loved the Greencastle Fiber Event. There was so much roving! Luckily, I don't spin, therefore I could spend all of my time drooling over all of the yarn. After much debate, and walking back and forth from booth to booth (yeah, the SO loved all of this) I decided on a couple of nice skeins.

First I found this bit of lovely. It is a skein from Maple Creek Farm, an indy spinner and dyer from Telford, PA. I picked up a bamboo, wool, silk blend, hand dyed in a colorway named Iron Kettle. Pretty!

And my ultimate purchase. I fell in LOVE with this yarn. I saw it and knew it would belong to me! It is from Frontier Fiber Mill, located in Atwood, Indiana. They are a smallish alpaca farm run by a husband and wife team. They do all of the processing, spinning and dying. This yarn is a 60% alpaca and 40% merino blend, in a natural colorway (I bought a dark blend and a light blend). The yarn is so freakin' soft! I saw it and knew my mum would love, love, love a scarf made from it. So I bought one for her and one for the stash! Overall, it was a fun mid-morning/afternoon spent. An expensive afternoon, but fun :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

As you can see above, Kyle gets worried during Easter (not for himself, he knows he's a spoiled diva) but for all his fellow bunny brothers and sisters. So yeah, Kyle says Happy Easter too. But he wants everyone to please remember and to remind people to get chocolate bunnies instead of real bunnies as pets this Easter. Every year, around Easter, people purchase rabbits for gifts. The weeks following Easter animal shelters get bombarded with bunnies, sadly unwanted and forgotten. Or even worse, people let the rabbits out in the wild. So this Easter please remember to make mine, and yours chocolate!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wandering Wednesdays

It's been a while! I have a lot to update... which I will do tonight or tomorrow.

For today I'm going to direct you to a site I love, Cute Overload.

It is so full of cuteness/cheessy/love it'll make you roll your eyes and say "Awwww..." at the same time.

Have fun and I will update you soon! :)