Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wandering Wednesdays

Oopsie! This one is out a little late! But better late than never....

Today I'm going to show off my little diva bunny, Kyle. Full name: Kyle Mulligan Roy-Spaulding. Yes he gets the hyphened last name 'cause he's cool like that.
I've been a little grouchy because I'm a work-a-holic and I was thinking that I have a very ugly grouchy mug. I wish it was a cute as Kyle's grouchy, disapproving face. So to try to brighten the grouchy mood here's the little dude being his usual orny self.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The SO surprises me

The SO surprised me with yarn and needles!

I had to work all weekend and as such I couldn't go to River Knits to pick up the 2.5mm double points that I desperately needed for my stockings. So the amazing SO came to my rescue and picked up my double points and also surprised me with some yarn!
Louet Gems (100% merino wool) in colorway "Cherry Red."

He's such a good guy! And of course this means new socks coming soon!

I needed those 2.5mm for these:

These lacy stockings go up to just below the knee and currently I'm up to my calf area and well, I have HUGE ballet/soccer calves. I mean my legs are as muscular as a guy's (even more muscular than most). As such, my 2.00 and 2.25mm were not cutting it, even with the increases that I included. But it's okay, the SO came to my rescue and I can now continue up the leg....

More pics coming soon!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wandering Wednesdays

The SO and I are lucky enough to live right next to the University's golf course. We look out from our living room and we can watch people putt on the 15th hole. I don't even have to tell you 'cause I'm sure you can imagine some of the funnies we have seen unfurl on that green.

Tuesday was beautiful so after work I thought it'd be nice to take a walk on the golf course. So for this week's Wandering Wednesday I thought I'd take you on my walk.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Monday, March 16, 2009

1-2-3 say Kimchee!

This weekend I made Kimchee.

What is kimchee (or kimchi, gimchi)?
It is a traditional South Korean side dish that is super spicy, stinky and yummy!

There are many different kinds of kimchee and many ways to make it. The essentials of a good traditional kimchee (from a Korean's standpoint) is good cabbage (or root veggies), garlic, hot chili peppers, salt and time. You basically soak the cabbage for a while in salt water and once it starts to soften you drain and rinse it. Then you insult the cabbage with tons of good ole' garlic and hot chili peppers (I used hot pepper flakes). From here people will let it ferment for weeks, months etc. Me, I'm a kimchee snob and only like it "fresh." So my kimchee will be eaten asap, before the fermenting takes place.

Here is where I'm going to tout the excellence of kimchee. It has been rated as one of the top 5 health foods (along with soy, olive oil, garlic and the other currently escapes me). One serving of of kimchee is loaded with dietary fiber, vitamins A and C and much more! Also there is a ton of garlic and I don't have to tell you that garlic is great for your health. I was going to PubMed and do a scholarly journal article search on the research done with kimchee, but honestly, I have the flu right now and I really can't think straight. But that is the reason why I made this superfood. While growing up my mum (who is South Korean) would always go on and on about the health benefits of Korean food, especially kimchee. Well today, because I am super ill, I decided it was time to embrace my Korean roots and finally attempt to make kimchee and rid myself of this cold that has been lingering for a week.

Here's to Kimchee! It better kill all germs that are making me ill!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A day in which yarn and Joe Lunardi both excite me

On Friday I bounced from work for about a 1/2 hour so I could meander down to River Knits!

I know! In between doing dissections, plating neurons, running pcrs and gels, I actually found time to drive down to Main Street (you know 5 mins away) and actually look at yarn! It was great! I should do that more often! :)

After looking around for a bit, I purchased Daria Multi, by Noro. Super shiny! I like shiny....

On Saturday I purchased some toggle clasps from Hobby Lobby.

And today I sat down for about a half hour and did the i-cord just as Vegan Craftastic suggests you should and this was made:

Pattern: Daria Bracelet by Vegan Craftastic
Yarn: Daria by Noro
Needles: 3.75 mm (US sz. 5)
Started: Sunday, March 15, 2009
Completed: Sunday, March 15, 2009

And last but of course not least....

Back in 2006 (waaay back then) the SO and I were able to spend Final Four weekend down in Indy. We didn't actually attend any games, but dudes I can tell you that we had FUN! And because tonight is the NIGHT when they announce who is dancing I have to put up the picture:

For those who don't know, NCAA basketball tournament starts this week. Joe Lunardi is THE MAN. He is THE Bracketologist. Anyone that can turn something such as predicting basketball standings and statistics into a fun science is the bomb. Not to mention last year he predicted 63 of 63 of the teams what would go dancing. This picture is of the SO and me with Joe. Have I mentioned that I heart Joe?

BTW, if you don't hear from me this week or next week it's because I am a puddle of muck in front of a tv or at a bar, from an overload of basketball. I'll have my knitting with me but my gauge goes wonky as the game gets more tense so we'll see how much knitting (or science experiments at work!) actually gets done in the next few weeks!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Super day

Two events that make today a super fun geeky day. Just the type of day that makes me giggle and uber happy.

1 - Happy Pi Day!

2 - Albert Einstein was born today, March 14, in 1879

I just wanted to point that out and make you smile because I just did too!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Remember to smile and enjoy even the small moments

It has been a rough couple weeks at work (data for grants, manuscripts and collaborators). And knitting has been slooow. I am wicked excited for a number of projects but work has been killing me! By the time I get home, I have just enough time to hang with the SO and bunny, have dinner and start more data/writing and continue working late into the night.

However today I was able to come home and relax a bit. Today I found something nice in the mail addressed to me.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a thank you card from Katie, my Aveda hairstylist, for the knitted baby gifts! Very cute, very sweet and it made me feel oh so good to hear that she liked the socks and hat! Just reading the little card made all of the bad and grouchy feelings of the day melt away. Knowing that this little gift made her feel loved, even by a client (!), totally made my day. Tonight I ended up taking a nice warm bath, relaxing, and I even did a little knitting while watching bball with the SO. Things like that remind me to smile and enjoy little moments....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wandering Wednesdays 3/11/09

Today I present you with a watercolor painting by one of my favorite artists, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. She is an amazing artist and I encourage you to get lost on her website. I visit often and just fall in love with everything she does!

Get lost in her artwork and have a wonderful Wednesday!


I am going to copy and paste her description of Kitsune here:

In asian lore, there are fox-spirits. These creatures are tricksters, most often taking the form of beautiful women in order to lure humans into their games. This image was done based on a character (Himitsu) of a friend of mine, Sylvia Leung.

©Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Shenanigans... Take 2

This is my second stab at this post. You see, I had a looong week at work and I had a bitch of a post for you! I started this post on Sunday evening; then I realized I really shouldn't any write the stuff that I had written. It was kind of mean, inappropriate, and just down right pissy! And who wants to read about that?! And with my recent dramas, I need to send out good karma and not any of the bad stuff!

So yeah, rough week. But a fabulous weekend because the SO and I visited some friends down in Indy. Isn't it so nice to hang out with your peeps? It always brings your spirits back up! So this is why I am rewriting the post and reposting it now (Tuesday). This time with a more uplifting and positive vibe!
First things first, while in Indy, the SO took me to Knit Stop. I'm not going to review this store today, but let me tell you, it is a wicked lovely store! If you have a chance to visit, you should defiantly go!
The colors and the fibers, ahhhh....
After a while of perusing the endless shelves of beautiful yarns I decided on:

Louet Gems. A 100% merino wool in a fine/sport weight in colorway Pink Panther.

And I even have the pattern!

Yesterday (Monday) I purchased the Interweave Knits, Spring 2009, issue. I usually don't love spring patterns but I did fall madly in love with two patterns in particular.

The first pattern is the Bettie Lace Stockings, by Hana Jason.
Yep, my Gems yarn will be going to this lovely.
Pink, lacy and sexy.... oh boy!

And the second pattern is the Saoirse Shawl, by Norah Gaughan.
I don't know what it is, but I saw this skirt/shawl/thingy and it just INTRIGUES me! I have not been able to stop thinking about it all day! I was at work and I pulled it up on the laptop and just stared at it! I had to start a pcr so I reluctantly left the office and went into the lab and as I was squirtin' dna into the damn little tubes (yes that is my science talk right there) I couldn't STOP thinking about the skirt! I mean all day long I was thinking about the yarn and the actual pattern. The yarn just looks so cool. And the pattern is just so simple and elegant. Norah Gaughan is just wicked. I may not like everything she designs (correction, I do like her things, just not that I would personally wear everything she designs), but she is amazing. And little things like this skirt show how simple something can be and yet so uniquely designed.

So yes, back to this skirt and my dilemma. You see the problem is, I priced out the yarn that the patterns specifies and from Yarn Market, at $8.35 a hank, that my peeps, is a $90+ skirt. Yes, I know, I have NEVER actually knit a garment with the actual specified yarn. I know I can pick out any ole' yarn, do the gauge thing and simply swap it out for something a little more within my research technician budget. But dudes! That skirt, in that yarn, is so cute! For now, I'll just queue it in Ravelry and look for a yarn. But man, somehow, that skirt will be mine!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Start of something new: Wandering Wednesdays

I'm going to start something (maybe, we'll see if this continues or not). In the spirit of what some may call "Hump Day" or Woden's Day, or just simply another day, I'm going to try to have Wandering Wednesdays as a feature. I usually try to put a positive spin to things. And despite it being "Hump Day" it is still a great day! You have finished half of your week's worth of work and you are almost there to enjoy the weekend! Wednesdays are always a good time to recollect your thoughts, figure out what you've done for the week, what still needs to be done and maybe revamp your week's goals.

So here's the start (again, maybe) to Wandering Wednesdays. Which basically means random stuff I'm thinking about or seeing around me. Lucky you... :)

It's still snowing in parts of the country, but it's about 2 weeks until the vernal equinox! The flower above is one of the many from my mum's flower garden. I would tell you what type it is but I have no clue. I'm going to take a stab at it and call this a peony? I took this picture back in August while I was home for a visit. It just makes me happy looking at this flower - maybe because it reminds me of warm weather or mum's flower garden and home. Either way it's taking me on a daydream and that means it's a great way to start Wandering Wednesdays.