Happy Wednesday

I don't have too much time to blog as I have 3 finals projects due this week (actually 1 is done, another is almost complete and the last one has yet to be started).

Sooo... not much knitting nor blogging.  However, I have a couple of posts lined up including:

- A pottery painting night
- A night at the Star Wars symphony
- A number of knitting updates

I hope to write this weekend after I finish the semester.  Wish me luck!

BTW --  For today's Wandering Wednesday...

Back in 1773, a group of colonists in Boston began what became a number of acts in protest against the British government.  Today, December 16, 1773 a number of patriots boarded ships and threw the tea cargo into the Boston Harbor, thus it became known as the Boston Tea Party.

A bit of history and now I'm back to writing a paper on the evaluation of consumer health applications... Happy Wednesday folks!


Lupie said…
You don't need luck because I'm sure you will do great!
Enjoy your time off.
Sigrun said…
All the best to you--so much work just in time for Christmas. Thank you for the glimpse of history.
Megan said…
can't wait to hear about the symphony! :) Good luck!
lizzzknits said…
Good Luck with finals. Get plenty of sleep! Of course, I know that is impossible as a student. Happy Holidays!