Date Night with the SO

A couple of weeks ago the SO and I had a date night.  Boy was he surprised and excited when I took him to All Fired Up, a place where you can glaze your own ceramics (can you sense the sarcasm here?!).  Initially he was being grouchy and only wanted to paint with me and not his own piece, however he started to get into it.  At one point he was pretending to be Bob Ross on LSD while painting... I kid you not.  He was going on and on about how he should paint happy little trees everywhere (he painted the penguin).

It was a fun evening and I recommend going to these places as a date with either your SO (if he or she can stand doing crafty things) or going with your crafty peeps.  I am totally calling a Ladies Night out next semester... You can bring your own wine and paint pottery and drink booze... how cool is that!?!?

Here are the projects from our date night.  We tag teamed both items, painting and holding it was a cute little date.  The mug is huge and perfect for my coffee.... I had to modify it and make my own design in addition to the relief cut snowman....

And we painted this little guy.  It's a piggy bank (penguin bank?) that we'll give to my Brother and his SO when we see them at Christmas.  They loooove penguins, I hope they like this little guy!


Lupie said…
You both did a great job!