Let it Snow - Let it Snow - Let it Snow!

Well I'm not really ready for snow yet.  We have not yet weather-proofed the windows nor the door seals.   And honestly, I'd rather the snow waits until after the SO and I are done driving to NH (I hate driving long distance through crappy weather).  

But - it was Thanksgiving.  Which means we had projects to do all weekend long!  One project is always putting up the Holiday Tree.  It's practically a Charlie Brown tree, but it's cute.  The other project (granted we should have been putting up weather strips and plastic around windows) was this:

Yep Holiday cards!

I have been making my holiday cards for a number of years now.  I'm not really into stamping art and such, however I love making my holiday cards.  And when the SO came into my life I made him love the craft as well.  :)

This year we don't have too much to color, as per the enjoyment of the SO.  Instead I decided to stamp a big snowglobe and then make a cut out.  Only then did I decide to glue transparent paper to the cut out to make it appear as a "frosty" snowglobe.  Then of course glitter to make everything sparkle.

The back of the card has our signature reduce, reuse, recycle stamp; as well as our signature bunny feet and handmade by us stamp.

And the inside of the card has a cute little snowman (which you can see in the "frosted snowglobe").  

Cute and simple this year.  The SO is happy because the front says Christmas and I'm happy because the inside says Happy Holidays.  The cards took a couple of evenings while watching football and drinking wine (and knitting - more details on those projects later in the week).  Yep, this year it all worked out great!


Lupie said…
Love the card. the idea of the snowman showing through the snowglobe is so sweet.
I would love to see the tree.
lunaticraft said…
They're so cute! Love the snowglobe idea...