Here's a pathetic story

Yep, another pathetic story about me... far fetched for me to have a pathetic story, huh?

Last Sunday it was like any typical evening, hung out with the SO and the bun-bun and did some work and homework then got ready for bed.  Typical ritual (I'm pretty OCD), wash face, brush and floss teeth.  As I was flossing I noticed a black spot on one of my back molars.  A black dot!  Upon closer investigation (i.e. taking a metal tooth scraping device and poking the hell outa it) I noticed it didn't budge.

Let's just say the freaking out that ensued was something.

I have never had a cavity - ever.  In fact my teeth are in dental books.  I ran into the bedroom, crying hysterical of course, with my mouth wide open demanding the SO look at the disgusting cavity in my mouth.  The SO didn't appreciate this too much as he has had multiple cavities in his life and has a number of fillings. (FYI - he has nice teeth and even though I just made it sound like he is a snaggle-tooth, he really doesn't have bad teeth, they are nice, straight and white - this was just me freaking).

Of course the SO is the rational one so he asked me a number of questions:

how long has it been there... well I flossed on Friday and didn't notice it; I brush a couple of times daily and have yet to notice it.

Did it hurt when I poked it or bit down on something... nope, I tried to scrape the shit and it wouldn't move.

We decided that it would be better if I calmed down and because it was close to midnight on a Sunday, I couldn't do anything more until the next day.

So first thing Monday morning I called and made an appointment at the dentist.  They could not understand my hysteria over a cavity and my appointment couldn't be scheduled until a week later.  OMG.  So what is a girl to do?  Well I scheduled the appt and then went to Target to blow all my money on a number of different teeth cleaning devices.  New floss, a new water pick, new metal tooth scrapers.  I went for the big guns.

That same Monday evening as I was flossing I noticed the black dot had moved.  In fact it wasn't even there. Come to think of it, it looked a little like a piece of black pepper lodged in there. Hmm... crisis adverted I guess.  Oops on the freaking out.



lunaticraft said…
Totally not pathetic. Cavities suck. You should have seen me last time when the dentist told me I had 4 cavities. 4! Up to that point I had never had any. Lets just say the dentist's office has never seen such a production. =D
Lupie said…
You are too funny!!!!!