Happy Blogiversary to Me!!!

Today is my 1 year Blogiversary! 

I was going to do a run down of the knitting of the past year. 

Then I was going to write a story of how I started knitting. 

But I actually have to head to class.... So I'll just do a Happy Dance for the 1 year blogiversary!  Thank you for the great year and I look forward to many more with all of you!  :)


lunaticraft said…
I'll happy dance with you! Congrats!
Sigrun said…
♫♫ ♪ ♪ Happy blogiversary to youuuuu!
I just learned about some neat symbols you can type by holding down ALT while typing certain numbers on the number pad. So I could truly sing to you!☺☺☺

♥ type 3
♫ type 14
♪ type 13
Have a great day!
Lupie said…
One year! Thank you for starting your blog I love hearing about your life and knitting journey.