And even more updates....

Things are going well on this end, how are you guys?  I've been taking some time to catch up on all of your blogs, but I feel so disconnected from all ya'll!  It is almost the end of the semester which means I will be able to finally catch up and start knitting again.

A quick couple of updates:

1 - I cut my hair!  These pics are more for Ashley and Mum who wanted to see my new do.  I had long hair (like down to my butt long) from elementary until undergrad.  Then during undergraduate I went crazy and cut my hair super short.  Then during the first masters until now I had shoulder blades to boob length.  So on Saturday I chopped it to my shoulders.  We'll see how long it stays at this length.

2 - Thus far I'm Ace'in all of my homeworks and projects in classes.  Whoo-hoo!

3 - I have been teaching my peep how to knit and she is knitting-knitting-knitting!  I bought her some Rowan Big Wool for her birthday so she could make herself an infinity scarf.  She is knitting a 2x2 ribbing and it is looking fab!

4 - The SO is so sweet and surprised me with a poinsetta and chocolate.  I was having a stressful week between work and classes so the SO surprised Sunday when I came home from lab.  I love red poinsettias - I think they are so pretty.  We haven't had any the past 2 years because they are poisonous to Kyle, but I'll just make sure he doesn't get to it.  BTW - wicked bad picture, the plant is actually way prettier than that picture shows.

5 - I made bibimbap - a yummy-yummy korean dish.

6 - I have not been knitting as I have no time!  Working 50-60+ hrs a week plus 3 classes is a lot.  But my boss and I are going to try to track my hours better so hopefully no more of this unpaid overtime (hopefully!).  That will free up time to do homework.  Which then frees up time for knitting and hanging out with the SO.  Yay!

7 - Although I haven't been knitting I still have managed to get about 1/2 of the Meandering Vines Shawl completed.  Some day I will finish and you will see it.

8 - I have just realized it is almost Thanksgiving... I need to start Holiday knitting don't I?!


Lupie said…
Your new hair cut looks great!
I love Korean food.
I have been working on a lace stole from Lion Brand
since the summer.
lunaticraft said…
Love the hair cut. Very cute. Good luck with finals and everything... I feel your pain as I'm in the same boat! In fact, I should be finishing up a paper... right... now... =D