Wandering Wednesday

I can't believe it is already Wednesday!

Every autumn I get wicked home sick. Fall is absolutely beautiful in New England and I get a little depressed (not clinically, just used as an expression) every year at about this time. I probably will continue to get weepy every fall until the SO and I move out to the Northeast.

So for today I thought I'd grab some images of pictures painted by the Hudson River School Artists. I love their work. I think I have expressed my love for Fredrick E. Church on this blog in previous posts. So here I thought I'd spread some love for the Hudson River School artists... there are too many awesome pictures to choose from but here are a few.

Enjoy and have a wonderful Wednesday.

Thomas Moran (1837-1926)

Under Trees (The Autumnal Woods)

1865 - oil on canvas 40" x 34"

Frederick Church

Niagara Falls

1857 - oil on canvas

Frederick Church

New England Scenery

1851 - oil on canvasFredrick Church


1875 - oil on canvas

Asher B. Durand
Kindred Spirits
1849 - oil on canvas


Sigrun said…
Those are beautiful paintings. My daughter and I went to try on wedding dresses today. We narrowed it down to 3 that she likes--each successive one was more expensive: $1300, 1500, 1600. I gritted my teeth, told myself it's her big day (only once, I hope), and then the lady in the shop advised us to count on an additional $600 for alterations. I think I'll continue on the blog.
Lupie said…
I love living here in the Northeast and the fall is one of the reasons.
Kathy N said…
Beautiful! Fall in the Northeast is the best.