Sunday my peep Kate and I went on a special trip. She got me addicted to So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) last season. So for Season 5, we started a new ritual of watching SYTYCD together. To our surprise and enjoyment we found out Season 5 Tour would be stopping by our neck of the cornfields... yep the tour actually made a stop here in Indianapolis! So of course we had to go! We were a little nervous that my radiation would interfere with our "habit/addiction." But all was good, we drove down together, with me rockin' out in the backseat. We even went out to eat... no fears, I brought my own plastic ware as to not contaminate any of the restaurants' flatware. BTW... I'm no longer emitting gamma rays, so I'm no longer endangering people. Just a little beta waves here and there, as long as I don't share saliva with someone... hence the OCDish ways with the own plastic ware!


Here is a pic of the stage.
I didn't get any pics of the performances, I was too amazed. Also I'm not one of those crazy people who take FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY DURING PERFORMANCES! Why do people do that?!?!? They say no flash photography during the performance for a reason. Obviously those people have never been on stage for a performance. A flash is NOT good! It can either mess you up (I know a good performer should not be easily interrupted, but come on), or if the flash is bright enough it can blind the performer making them mess up. So yeah no photos of the performances but believe me, it was AWESOME!

And they did many of the great dances from the season. Even the Breast Cancer dance, which of course I started crying about 2 eight counts in. And Addictions, and oh, so good ones! Here are some pics that I cribbed from online:
Kate and I didn't leave the place empty handed. We both bought a red SYTYCD shirt (although the picture looks pink, it's actually a light faded red). We are totally gonna rock the shirt out on Wednesdays when we watch the show! BTW - work already thinks we are crazy so this won't faze them a bit.
And finally, here is the happy and super excited couple at the show.
BTW - today is her BDay -- Happy Birthday Kate!


Lupie said…
So cool! Those dancers are amazing.
lunaticraft said…
Oh man, that looks like so much fun! I desperately wish I had any dancing skills like that. For now I'll have to be content to watch though. haha