New Yarn!

Before I went into isolation I thought some shopping therapy would help.

Look what I bought!
Yarn: Mini Mochi by Crystal Palace Yarns.
It is wool (80%) and nylon (20%). Super soft - I've been calling it My Squishy as I squish, squish, squish it. I bought two balls in color 109 - treasure chest. Not sure what I'm going to make yet, but Ravelry shows lots of projects, so I'm sure I'll get knitspired from something.
This yarn is made of 63% superwash merino, 20% silk, 15% nylon, and 2% real silver. Yep, supposedly this has real silver! This picture does not really give this yarn justice. The way in which the silver strands catch the light is so pretty. You should see this yarn in person because it is pretty. For this bit of lovely I'm thinking about making a shawl! I bought two skeins, however one skein is 100 grams or 420yards! So I am hoping the two skeins will make a full sized shawl.
Wow, wow, wow! Fine merino wool at it's finest! This is so incredibly soft! I bought colorway 3842, Capao Bonito. Unfortunately I only found 2 skeins in this colorway. I'm not 100% sure what I am going to knit with this but if I can get my hands on a couple more skeins you will see a project soon!
These lovelies were purchased at River Knits, my favorite local yarn shop. I had a gift certificate from Kate (thank you! I love you!) from my birthday - yeah I'm a little late on spending that one.
I also went to Knit Stop in Indianapolis. Having a Monday evening class (and not going to work on Monday) is kinda dangerous... I can drive to this shop anytime! While at Knit Stop I purchased several skeins of Sublime in extra fine merino wool dk. This stuff is soft! I have a project in mind for this beauty... I'm just waiting for the pattern to come to me via snail mail. Be on the lookout!
For a person who doesn't really purchase stuff, let alone stuff to stash, I think I went a little nutty! But honestly I think I will use all of these for upcoming projects. Besides shopping therapy for radiation therapy is always a good thing that needs no justification. :)


lunaticraft said…
Oooo... yummy goodness right there. Real silver in your yarn? That's the pinnicle of decadence. Love it. It will make a beautiful shawl too...
Amanda said…
All that yarn looks so good - wish I could pet it :)