My Traveling Woman

It's ironic that while I'm in isolation my first post will be for a knitted item named "Traveling Woman."

Funny little story with this knit.

I have been knitting for how long? At least 2 years... maybe a little longer.

Well as you may have noticed, I typically knit in the round. Flat knitting and I haven't really had a chance to get to know one another. Well I found out (the hard way) that I knit oddly. Yep, oddly. You see, I kinda taught myself to knit. Well I really didn't know many people who actually knit (other than Mary Ann and Melissa, whom I picked on incessantly about knitting). I dvr'd Knitty Gritty and used YouTube videos to learn how to knit. Because of this I learned a little English and Continental style knitting. So I didn't know rhyme or reason other than what I kinda picked up from the tv show or from little videos. So little by little, I picked up knitting here and there over the past 2 years.

Little did I know I actually knit "combination method." Yeah, I'm still unsure about the different terms they use for knitting styles. But as I was knitting My Traveling Woman, which is knit flat, I noticed my pattern looked different than the original. Then I noticed my stitches were leaning the opposite way. How odd! I mean, I know what a SSK and a K2tog are and how they are supposed to lean. Well, apparently my purls are "different." Again, I knit continental and the way I do my purls is different from others. Instead of wrapping the the yarn around and down, I just pull the yarn through the loop as I'm holding the yarn above the needle. I never really noticed this because I typically knit socks and arm warmers so I never had to "purl back" because you just knit around and around.

Okay, reading that last paragraph over is wicked confusing. I found Grumperina expains how this occurs and how to "fix" your stitches. She is MUCH more eloquent than I in explaining how and why this leaning stitch will occur.

I originally finished this shawl in 2 days, however, I frogged it after learning my stitches were leaning the incorrect way. I did not like how my knitting bulged in some areas because of the wonky leaning. I found out that if I simply K2tog instead of SSK and vice versa, things will work out normal (thanks Mary Ann for the suggestion!). After finishing it once, ripping back, figuring out my damn stitches and knitting it again, I have this: My First Shawl (ravelry link)!

Pattern: Traveling Woman, by Liz Abinante
Yarn: Gems (the yarn the SO purchased for me!) in Cherry Red
Needles: Size 6 circulars
Started: First started September 6, 2009 and Restarted September 11, 2009
Finished: September 26, 2009

I have no idea how to wear a shawl or shawlette. But I don't care because I really like it. Hey I'm gonna be a librarian I'm sure I can fit the stereotype and wear shawls! Okay, okay, I hate that stereotype (or any stereotype at that matter). But there is no denying how much I am now addicted to lace and shawls!

Oh and Mum: Check out the hair. This is the perm I got 3 weeks ago. See, it's a body wave, NOT a perm, perm!

And on the radiation front: all is going well. A little nauseous and wicked sore throat but other than that everything is going well. One day of isolation is done so another 6 more to go! Drinking lots of water to flush the radiation out = a LOT of bathroom time. TMI, I know. :)


lunaticraft said…
Beautiful work! The color is great on you too.

Good luck with the isolation!
John Lariviere said…
Sorry to hear about your cancer. I know how devistating news like that can be. Hope the pill doesn't make you feel too crudy. Keep a high optimistic additude. Mind over matter and all that jazz......
Sigrun said…
Wow! Teaching yourself how to knit--how amazing. I did that too, when I was 3 yrs old, but I had real people knitting all around me, so I copied them. I can't get over your doggedness and perseverance with the knitting. I just know that the same determination will help you beat the C. Luv, Sigrun

I love the shawl on you, especially the color.
Lupie said…
You inspire me to do lace!