Lots of Little Bits

I haven't knit in like 2 weeks! I couldn't really knit while in radiation (for obvious reasons... it' wouldn't be nice to give someone a knitted garment that was just radiated). So I have not been able to pick up my sticks and strings! Yeah, it's been hard. Isolation would be so much easier if I could just knit! But what's even harder is knowing that I have all these little bits and pieces of projects so close to completion! Hopefully I can finished a couple of these things this week now that I can finally have some Tender-Loving-Knitting-Time (TLKT)!

Just to update everyone: I am finally out of isolation. I am finally able to go back to school (YAY!) and work (little yay). I had my body scan last week and everything is as it should be, I had some "glowing" going on in the thyroid region. So hopefully the radiation is now in the process of "killing" that damn tissue. Basically now we wait. In 6 months I go back for another body scan to see if the radiation worked. Six months is a long time to wait... but hey I can't complain, I'm out of radiation and I'm feeling good! Thank you soooo much for all the love and support. I heart you all so much!


Sigrun said…
Still rooting for you (in my language It's praying).
Lupie said…
You are always in my thought and prayers.
So are you going to fill us in on all of these projects or did you tell us in past posts. The I-cord looks interesting.
lunaticraft said…
So glad to hear you're finished with radiation for now. I'll keep my fingers crossed for six months from now! The strength with which you're facing this all is totally inspiring.

Can't wait to hear about all these projects. They're all looking fantastic.