Dude what is going on?!?!

I was out of isolation for 3 days! Three whole days of glorious freedom!

I went to work on Tuesday and Wednesday and everything was great. I felt like I could conquer anything in the world. Yoga practice was going great as well. Then, midway through Wednesday I suddenly felt sick. Wicked sick. On Thursday, I (one who never calls the doctor) actually called the doctor to come in. She doesn't know if I have a cold with flu-like symptoms, or the flu, all of which are exacerbated by my compromised immune system from radiation. I'm a little peeved 'cause I told everyone at work to please wash hands and stuff because I'm still with a weak immune system. But who knows, I could have caught something while at the grocery store Saturday, out at the dance show on Sunday, at school on Monday, or at work. All I know is that it sucks! I slept most of Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I've been awake most of today but have been coughing non-stop. The SO bought me a bunch of OTC's (because the antibiotics the Doctor gave me is doing shit). So right now, I think i'm a little tipsy from the concoction I have brewed. However, Vicks Vapor Rub is rockin' my world right now, that shit has helped (still coughin' but it feels heavenly after feeling like hell the past few days). Hopefully this will clear up overnight so I don't have to go back to see the doctor tomorrow! Plus I am so sick of staying home! I need to get back to school and work!

10/19/09 --- Edited to add:
I forgot to add in a Happy Birthday to my Little Brother -- he's now 26!! Not so little anymore!


Kristin said…
Feel better soon!
Lupie said…
I hope you are doing better today.
Sigrun said…
With that immune system thing, and now being on antibiotics, make sure you take some probiotics--lots of fresh yogurt, or a raging yeast infection could be next. Not to add more to your worries, but it happens. If you're running a fever, here's my grandma's remedy--really works: Soak some white socks in straight white vinegar, wring out, put on your feet, wrap in thick towels. Luv, Sigrun