Wandering Wednesday & Knitspiration

Happy Wednesday Folks!

Today I have something different: Wandering Wednesday & Knitspiration all in one!

Tonight (Wednesday, September 9th), the Sundance channel is going to have a documentary on Sonia Rykiel.

The Sundance channel is showing a four-part documentary series called The Day Before, directed by Loic Prigent. The documentary gives an inside look at the creative process and the drama that occurs prior to a runway show. Each night this week, in the spirit of Fashion Week, Sundance will play a part at 10pm, each part focusing on a different fashion designer.

The one set for tonight caught my eye because it is on Sonia Rykiel, who is also known as The Queen of Knits. I have heard of her, and after I Google searched, I found that I really dig some of her stuff. I will probably DVR the documentary tonight and watch it some time this weekend. If you can, try to catch a bit of it tonight and let me know what you think. Maybe I'll do a review... maybe....

(Image from: http://au.lifestyle.yahoo.com/b/marie-claire/6503/sonia-rykiel-queen-of-knits/)


Lupie said…
This sounds very interesting I will have to check it out.