Not So Wandering Once Again

Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone! Thank you for all the support, kind words and positive thoughts. You are all so sweet and amazing!

Thank you Lesser Known Skeins, you guys rock!

Mum don't worry I'm all good. As an FYI, Mumma Roy has been checking the blog DAILY because she is worried and checking on my blog posts is apparently a way to gauge my status. So don't worry Mum I'm here, kickin', and I will have a number of posts in the next week or so.

And here is the status update:

I'm once again RadioActive Girl!

A couple hours ago I received the high dose of radioiodine so I'm back home in my little room. I'll be isolated for a couple of days. I'm really looking forward to eating normal food. I think I have to wait a couple of days but I can handle that. I've lost a total of 14lbs! It's nothing too bad as I'm back to my original weight before the thyroid nightmare last year.

The SO has been great. He has taken me to all of my doctor appointments and sitting there listening and asking the right questions when I forget. Having him there has been my saving point. And while I'm in isolation he will be making my food and taking care of me. He's such a great guy! Here's a pic of the SO and Kyle Bunny... I gave both big hugs and kisses this morning prior to getting radiated.

Well, this post won't be too long because honestly consuming radiation makes one a little queasy. Just wanted to say hi and thank you and I promise to have a couple posts soon!


Sara said…
The bunny is adorable! Take care of yourself. You sound really upbeat. :)
Lupie said…
RadioActive Girl!
Sounds like a super hero!!!
Your guys cuties.
lunaticraft said…
Haha, Lupie is totally right. It does sound like a superhero.

Take care of yourself, and don't forget, the LKS's are always here for support and whatever you need! =D
Kristin said…
Hope you are doing well and will change back into your mild-mannered alter ego very soon! Glad to know that SO is taking such good care of you.