Knittin' n' a Draftin'

Labor Day weekend is always fun. There is the grilling, friends, family and even the retail sales. But what is the best thing about Labor Day weekend?

It's Fantasy Football Draft time!

This is the weekend where most of my NFL fantasy football leagues schedule their drafts. So this weekend I will be busy draftin' my players. And in between those little 2-5 minute picks I will be a-knittin'!

I am currently sick as a dog. I'm not sure if my immune system is shot because of the cancer shit, working 60+ hrs plus school work or if these are just bad allergies. But dudes, no worries because I got new jeans (yes I actually went into a mall - and thank you Mumma Roy, the Christmas gift card was finally used). I found a new pattern to knit. And I made up my eyes in this amazing blue-green eyeshadow. Pair that with football all weekend... This isn't too bad!
Who says a girl can't play fantasy ball and knit at the same time?!


Kristin said…
Are you or your SO in my husband's fantasy league? He's doing his draft today. And if you are, I hope you beat the snot out of him this season!
Sigrun said…
I'm glad you're keeping busy. You are on my prayer list. Can I send you a prayer shawl? See my earlier post about my sister's bout with cancer and the prayer shawl. It doesn't matter if you are a believer or not, I believe. Hugs.
lunaticraft said…
Ahhh, football season. Gotta love it. I don't do fantasy yet, but being able to drag out my jersey and terrible towel (I'm a steelers fan) has made me unendingly happy. Good luck in the league! Kick some fantasy football behind!