Wandering Wednesdays

I have something a little different for you today....

For today's Wandering Wednesday I think you should check out the SO's blog: DVDs with Spoodawg. He started his blog because he has a crapload of DVDs. So many in fact, that my peeps and I have nicknamed him the DVD Whore. Basically, I am making this DVD prostitute go through ALL of his DVDs (and now Blue Rays), watch it, review it, and if the movie is crap, he must get rid of it. Simple enough.

A little different today, but if you like movies you might like his blog. So check it out and as always I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!


lunaticraft said…
What an awesome idea! Maybe I should do that with my CDs... or books... or Video games... hahaha =D I'll def. check that out.