Friday Night and I'm at work

I'm at work (yes it is 7pm on a Friday night and I still have a couple hours for a good ole 14hr day), and even though I am running a western blot, a pcr and a restriction digestion all I can think about is YARN!!!

I brought my knitting to work today because I have a bunch of 10minute incubations (where my blots sit in antibody and/or washes on a shaker table). Yes, I really just sit here watching the blot shake. So with no one else in lab (because I am the only loser on a Friday night working in a science lab), I can knit! Sneaky, I know. Oh and I brought my laptop into the lab so I can blog and catch up reading all of your blogs as well!

Even as I sit here and watch a blot shake all I can think about is yarn. Specifically SOCK YARN! I think my Tough Cookie is telling me I need a vanilla sock next. Any suggestions on the yarn? What should my next sock yarn purchase be?


Sigrun said…
I used to be a 6th grade teacher. One day I wore my first self-striping socks to school, and brought my knitting to instruct another teacher. The coolest and smartest boy in the class (yes, Connor was both )took an interest in knitting, asked me for lessons. The last time I talked to his mom he was in Junior High and still knitting.
Anonymous said…
I love those little 10 min knitting episodes, good for you!! I always have a vanilla sock on the needles for just such an occasion.

As for my fav sock yarns; BMFA STR lightweight, Koigu KPPM, Tosh sock, or Handmaiden Casbah.
So great to sneak in some knitting moments. I always knit during lunch at school (I teach 5th gr. math). I scarf down my food. I would suggest jitterbug yarn:)
Lupie said…
I just bought some jitterbug yarn to make gloves because Ilove working with it. I made a pair of gloves for Zel my daughter and they wear very well in this yarn.
She even did some shoveling with them last winter.