Finally saw latest Harry Potter movie!

I have FINALLY seen Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince! I know the movie has been out forever, and you would think I would have been one of those crazies in line at midnight. Well, I would have been, except for the peep's wedding, and then the move. Then last weekend we were going to go and see it but then decided that if we waited until this weekend then we would be able to see it at IMAX.

Sure only the first like 15 minutes were in 3D. But it was worth it! I really dig seeing movies at the IMAX. The sound and the picture are just amazing! I do wish it was in 3D for longer.... I won't go into critiquing all the false scenes, and the big gaps in the story in this blog post. I've seen many critiques everywhere. For me, of course I like the books better, but the movie was good, 'nuff said.
What I am going to bring up... the knitted garb! Oh my!
(Which reminds me, I can't wait to go back to the Harry Potter Exhibit in Chicago! The SO wants to see it so we're going in August. There was a lot of knitted wear at the Exhibition and this time I'm going to pay a little more attention to the knitted garb instead of JUST being in awe of being surrounded by all things Harry Potter.)
Oh, so back to the knitted garb that I wanted to chat about. I loved, loved, loved, the beanie hat and scarf Hermione wore in a number of scenes. I love the silver-gray yarn and I love the pretty lace and cables design. I am totally knitspired and going to make this hat. And when I get over my phobia of colorwork I might even try the scarf.
Anyone seen this pattern anywhere? I'm sure someone out there, who is much more knitting savvy than I, has already come up with this hat pattern. Please let me know if you have seen this pattern anywhere! :)
EDIT: Okay so I couldn't wait! I Googled and searched and found it! JL Yarnworks has come up with the pattern. So clever! It is even posted on Ravelry... guess what I'm knitting next!