Well folks, I have upsetting news from the doctors... I might have cancer - again. It appears that I might have thyroid tissue growing in the thyroid region. Kinda funny (well to me but that's how I deal with serious issues), the year before all I wanted for Christmas was a new thyroid. Now it appears that my body wants me to have a new one after all!

Okay not that funny. But as I said, I deal with hot topics with humor.

So for the new couple weeks I'll be on the Low Iodine Diet (LID), yet again. This is to deplete my body of all iodine so I can take a tracer dose of iodine (the thyroid is the only tissue that takes up iodine, so a tagged iodine pill will allow for tissue to "light up" during a scan). What exactly does this LID mean? Well I cannot have ANY food or other (shampoos, lotions, etc) that contains: iodine, salt, dairy product or soy. Now let me ask you, what does not have salt, dairy or soy?!?!

Luckily this is my third time on the LID and I'm getting creative with my foods. Last night the SO and I actually made pizza! Well, I made dough (with non-iodized salt of course) and had 'shrooms and peppers and olive oil on it.

I have the injections on the 14th, 15th and 16th and a body scan on the 18th. Depending on what the scan on the 18th shows I might have radiation immediately following. But I'll keep you guys posted on the cancer watch front. I'm just upset because this of course has to happen when I start school.... grrrr!!!


Don't get em-bare-assed by me saying this, but you are a fucking amazing person. I'm going to send positive energy your way; I believe in that. You are very brave to deal with this head on. Good luck with your diet too. Surviving those restrictions merits a prize.
Sigrun said…
I will keep you foremost in my prayers. I admire your courage and determination. Hugs.
Sara said…
You are in my thoughts. The pizza sounds really good! Stay positive!
Kristin said…
Sorry to about the bad results. I hope that everything turns out to be okay! I will send positive thoughts your way.
Melissa said…
I hope this turns out to be a false alarm. It's really impressive that you deal so well with all this stuff, but that doesn't mean you should have to!!!

Do you have a binge food choice for when the diet is over?
E said…
Hey darling! I was so sorry to read this but, I am still hopeful that it is nothing. That no-iodine diet sounds quite interesting. Seems like you can only eat... vegetables. Yuck! The picky kid's nightmare! Good luck, and you're in my thoughts!
lunaticraft said…
I hope it ends up a false alarm. Keep your head up, and keep being awesome. The frank courage with which you're facing this is inspiring and amazing. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and sending all sorts of good juju your way!

(And that pizza actually sounds delicious! Good luck with the diet as well!)