Wandering Wednesday

Happy July! It's the Dog Days of Summer... what are you going to do to stay cool?

The twin towns of Lafayette and West Lafayette, Indiana are doing a community art project to bring together the communities, The Dog Days of Summer. A while back they had local artists decorate dog statues and these dogs have been on display throughout downtown areas of both towns. At the end of the summer the dogs will be auctioned off, all proceeds going back to the local community. Here are some of the dogs on display (I believe there are over 40!).
And my fav... A dog replica of Amelia Earhart that was in front of the Armstrong Hall of Engineering.
Just thought I'd share that with you today for our Wandering Wednesday. Try to stay cool!

And of course, Happy Birthday to Canada!


Lupie said…
These doggies are so cool!!!!
VeganCraftastic said…
Those are cool, we have things like that in the Twin Cities but our are dinosaurs.
So cute! They look great...thank you for sharing!!
Steffi said…
They have jackrabbit statues in Odessa, TX. I think the dogs are cuter. :)