Wandering Wednesday - Update

So how are you doing with your 3/50 Project goal? It's been a month since I posted a description of the 3/50 Project here on the blog. Rest assured, the SO and I have definitely met our goal (mostly from eating out... what can I say, I don't cook much!).

Cute story... this past Friday the SO and I decided to hit a local breakfast diner, Sunrise Diner. I've been there once, but the SO had never been. Wicked cute place with all types of nostalgic items crammed on everything, the windows, walls and doors. The best part... the SO and I walked in to a group of about 10 older gentlemen singing barbershop quartet style songs! They were there eating their Friday morning breakfast, enjoying each others company and just broke out into random song! It was like we were taking a step back to the 1950's. It was really heartwarming. A wonderful way to start our day. And that only happens at a place like that. A cute, local diner, run by local people for local people. Did you meet your 350 goal last month? Never too late to keep going!


Sigrun said…
You described it so well, I felt I was there. You have such neat things on your blog--the knit village, the painted dogs. You are an inspiration.