I'm still alive!

Yes I am still alive!

We are still busy (the SO and I). Between the move, peep's wedding, SO's dad in surgery and yet more unpacking, we've been a little busy! Also another bummer; we don't have internet. Okay, that's not completely true, we do have internet but it's not wireless. And I have issues with being tethered to the wall....

So until the SO figures out how to get the router to recognize our internet I only have access while I'm at work. And technically I really shouldn't do what I'm doing right now - writing my blog at work. Oh well!

I'll leave you with this....

What is that?!?!? No not the SO (yes he is doing dishes, I have him so trained). But that thing on the wall?! Here is a close up:
I had to ask the SO what it was while unpacking the kitchen. Apparently they used to have these things called telephones that hooked up to your wall in your house. AND, these phones were placed in central locations, like this one in the kitchen, so the whole family had access to the telephone.

Can you tell I've basically grown up with a cell phone in hand?!
I hope to start knitting again soon... I just need to finish unpacking a bit. Hope to have some updates on the crafty front soon!