Wandering Wednesday

I am almost done with a project... I have two sleeves to finish, a little blocking and then a FO post.... almost there!

For today's Wandering Wednesday I thought I'd share the 3/50 project with you.

On Tuesday, the SO and I went out to lunch at Main Street Cheese and Wine Shop. It is a cute little local shop that uses local products (such cheese from Fair Oaks Farm, wine from many local wineries, snack goods from local Amish farms... yum, yum, yum!). We occasionally patron this shop, mostly for the grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. Because I'm low on calcium and I am suppose to up my vitamin D and calcium intake, we thought grilled cheese for lunch would fit the bill. :)

As we were getting ready to leave I noticed a little flyer sitting on the checkout counter so I just grabbed it and left. Once we got back to the car and I had a chance to read what it said, well let me tell you, it blew me away. It made me think (as scary as that may seem)....

Simple enough, and yet so profound! Here is the link to the homepage of the 3/50 Project. I also looked up Cinda Baxter's original blog post (posted March 11, 2009). I encourage you to visit that original blog post.

Basically this has really got me thinkin' about strengthening the local economy. The SO and I already patron many of the local restaurants, stores and markets. But as always we can all do more. The $50 a month pledge is easy enough as we already do that. I think the SO and I are going to try keep that pledge of spending at least $50 a month at local businesses. But also I think we can try to remember to patron local businesses first, before we head out the the big box stores. It should be pretty easy for us to do as we have already been tyring to do that. I am also planning to spread the word about this wicked cool idea. I'm going to start by posting here, on my blog, for all of you to see. I also plan on spreading the word via Facebook (of course!) and to all my co-workers and peeps. And I encourage all of you to also spread the word about this campaign. The small businesses and local economies are what keeps our communities, as well as our country going.


lunaticraft said…
Such an awesome idea. I might just have to spread the word! =D
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