Update post: Mumma Roy Visit

I never updated a post about Mumma Roy's visit! Mum came out to visit us back in May and oh my did we have fun!

We had a day trip to Chicago, of course. Last time Mum came out for a visit, her and I did a quick day on the Magnificent Mile. This time the SO came with us, however, we got him a ticket to see his Cubbies up at Wrigley. So he took the subway to North Chicago, while Mum and I had fun in Millennium Park! Good day for all!

We were fortunate enough to go on a day when the Art Institute was free to the public because it was the grand opening day of the new Modern Wing. Mum and I spent HOURS just wandering around the Chicago Art Institute looking at everything that we could. I was able to show her a painting by my favorite artist, Frederic E Church, a Hudson River School artist. Beautiful.
Funny times, I pointed out American Gothic, and Mum was like, yeah yeah I've seen that everywhere. I looked at her and said "No, Mum, that's the original." She then shakes her head and was like "Oh, shit, wow!" Later in the day I showed her the HUGE statue replica of American Gothic that I posted about earlier. Her response then "Are you freakin shitting me?!?! Su, get a picture of me in front of them." I have to steal a bunch of pics off her camera... I'll post those later on.
Her and I had fun at Millennium Park:

And that evening, the SO met up with us and we took her to the Sears Tower. We got there about 45mins before sunset so we saw the skyline in daylight,
At sunset,
Pic op for the SO and me:

And we saw the city lights. We were obviously there for a little while.

That was all just one day...

Another day I took her around Purdue Campus. We both forgot our cameras... Oops! But it was nice to walk about and show her the place. I also took her into lab (actually she came in to work with me a number of times). I showed her how to run DNA through agarose gels, extract and purify the DNA, how to inoculate cultures, split and treat cells. Oh yeah, Mumma Roy got a crash course on molecular and cellular biology this week!

The big thing for the week was the Elton John - Billy Joel, Face 2 Face concert. We saw Elton John AND Billy Joel!!! It was SUCH a great concert. Mum couldn't contain herself, she was jumping out of her seat dancing and singing to the songs. It was wicked fun. We went with the SO's rents.... and believe it or not, they got along! Mostly because Mum did her own thing and danced the whole night. Unfortunately, we forgot our cameras again. Actually, Mum remembered hers, but forgot batteries! AHHH! Oh and Mum confessed her crush for Billy Joel, ew!!!! hehehe....

I also took Mum to the day spa. You know my favorite place, Evan Todd. I love Aveda products! We went for a Mother-Daughter spa day with massages. Hmmmm...... no pictures needed, just know that we left that place walking on pillows!

I had a great time with Mum. I left out a lot because I could have gone on and on about the great time that we had. I think we spoiled her a little much though, sunset in the Sears Tower, Face 2 Face concert, massage day, Korean, Thai and Greek foods all week. Man! Now you know where I got my taste for the high life! Luv you Mum! Can't wait till we do it again next year!


lunaticraft said…
Wow, sounds like you guys had a BLAST! I've only been to Chicago once, but I loved every second, even though I didn't end up with nearly as beautiful photos! =D
Sigrun said…
Thanks for the info about my Wordless Wednesday picture. I love to see people enjoying time with their parents/children. My mom has Alzheimer-type dementia, and i really enjoy my time with her, trying so hard to make memories, but it's different than interactive time. Bless you. Congrats on the engagement. I've been married for 43 yrs, with no regrets.
What a great trip! I'm sure she loved it. Your pictures were remarkable! I was just talking to one of my students on Friday about our common interestin visiting Chicago. Looks like an awesome city.
Lupie said…
You are such a good daughter!
Elton John & Billy Joel OMG!!!!!
Megan said…
Wow, those pictures are so pretty! That's the perfect time of day to be up there.

Billy Joel, too cool. People by me (Long Island, New York- his hometown) are big into his music. There's a saying though, "when you're on Long Island you LIKE Billy Joel, when you're off Long Island you LOVE Billy Joel." because the LI kids at my college in Albany would blast his songs all the time but didn't really do that at home. I guess they were "representing".