A taste of some things to come....

I have a day/evening to myself!

This rare "alone time" day is because the SO is out with his fraternity boys (yeah, he's one of those...although if you knew him you wouldn't think so) for his best friends' bachelor party. But have no fear, we have the bachelorette party coming up in a few weekends! :)

A while back I told you guys that I have been busy. Well it is because I've come to some decisions as well as some realizations. First, I have decided that it is time (or the student loan and credit card companies have decided for me, not sure which is which) to get a second, part-time, job. I'm still working full-time as a lab tech, but I have realized that the bills are not getting any smaller! Funny how I once thought you made money in science.... So I found a part-time just and I can't give too many details because of confidentially laws. But it is pretty good paying and a couple hours in the evening scoring standardized tests. Yep those things we all hated in grade school. Well, I now grade those. Can't say too much more, but it has been .... interesting. :)

Second, I have decided what I want to be when I grow up. Well, kinda, at least for now. You see, I love science and research but I am finding that I love science, research and information, rather than the actual doing. So after lots of thinking and doing research on careers I have decided to go back to school and get another masters degree. I am planning on applying to Library Science programs to eventually, hopefully, be a medical/health information librarian. I'm pretty excited about this idea. I am currently in the process of applying to programs, so I will tell you guys more as I start this journey!

Third, I have been volunteering at the local public library during that spare time that I have. Really it's just for a couple hours on the weekends. Even though I don't plan on going into the public librarianship sector, I figured I really should start volunteering (Obama and others really hit it home for me on MLK day showing the importance of service). I had been bugging the SO for over a year about volunteering in our community. So once I made this decision about a future in librarianship I decided that I could volunteer at the West Lafayette Public Library for some experience. It's actually fun. I go in for a couple of hours and just help out with whatever needs to be done. It's mostly the re-shelving of books, magazine and dvds. And do any little project the head librarians leave for me to do.

So now that I have caught you up on most things you can see why I am amazed that I can have a day to relax. I have just come home from lab and the library and now I am sitting outside, enjoying the nice weather. I have the golf course to my left and I have to admit I like watching the golfers struggle at this hole! It's nice to enjoy an afternoon, sitting, writing, listening to the birds (and the occasional cursing golfer). It's about time I'm getting some natural vitamin D to help absorb/metabolize all of that calcium I have been consuming. My endocrinologist will be proud of me. Here is proof that I really did get outside:
What else for today? I just rented a few documentaries and anime dvds and I think I will order Thai food tonight and plan on relaxing the evening away!

But for now, I'm going to go back to writing my personal essays for the grad school applications... but first, I'll leave you with a taste of some knitting. I have short little 15 minute breaks during my evening part-time job, so I've been working on this little number on those breaks. I almost have one done and soon to have the second... you'll find out more about this project later!


Lupie said…
Love the mitts and I think I could turn them into gloves. Can't wait for the details!
lunaticraft said…
Those mitts are beautiful! And congrats on deciding to come back to academia! I'm still plugging away on my first masters and am thinking about my second and a Ph.D. down the road, so it'll be awesome to have some bloggy company! =D