Random Drawing Itch

Recently I had this random urge to draw. Weird I know. I used to take lots of art classes; not that the quality of my drawings and paintings speaks much for the amount classes I've taken. Last time I had the urge to paint the SO and I ended up with this huge canvas painting, of course done my yours truly, taking up a wall in our living room. Anyways, this urge was so compelling that it brought me to one of those big box stores (yep, the very ones I try to avoid) to purchase some paper and pencils.
Here are a few of the sketches. The first one is a shading practice. The second is the start of a still life sketching, of an elephant sculpture that I own. And the last is the outline of my bunny diva. Not sure how to draw fur so we'll see how this goes!
It's nothing spectacular, but wanted to show you guys that the lack of knitting is okay because I'm still have other random things for my creative outlet!


lunaticraft said…
Those are fantastic! Certianly much better than I could ever do. I love the outline of your bunny, even without fur. It's a great contuor line drawing, as is!
Megan said…
Don't sell yourself short- those are really good! I wish I was crafty in ways other than knitting.