An Exciting Day

Okay here is a dozy of a post for you! This post is 2.5 weeks late as the events that I'm about to tell you occurred Saturday, April 25th. My birthday! I do want to apologize ahead of time because I'm going to have a great number of spelling and grammatical errors in here. But I have a bunch of you asking for this post and I'm trying to write it quickly in the next hour. So here we go....!

About two weeks prior to my birthday, the SO told me he was claiming my bday. It was a little odd, but the SO was very adamant about me keeping the day free to be with him and not with any of my girls.

So the day comes. Now I do like to be spontaneous, but I have to admit I was buggin'. The SO kept telling me everything was going to be a surprise. I had NO idea what was in store. I was mostly buggin' because I didn't know what to wear! But rest assured, I kept to jeans and t-shirt with cute kicks on my feet. :)

The day started early. Wicked early in fact! After a quick stop in lab (didn't think I'd get out of work on my birthday did you?), we were off and driving out of town. Again, I had no idea where we were heading.

After about an hour of driving the SO pulls off to what seems like a random spot on the road when I realized: Pygmy goats! The SO started the day by taking me to a pygmy goat farm! I looooove all kinds of animals (as many of you know), and my latest obsession is the pygmy goat. I took lots of pictures:

The lady even tried to sell us one! Imagine a pygmy goat and my dwarf bunny?!?! The animals were cute. But what was even cuter? The fact that the SO called the lady in advance to ask if we could stop and see the pygmy goats! He's such a good guy!

After I got my aMinal fix we jumped back in the car. Funny story at the end of the post about what happened during this portion of the drive. But more about that later... because the next stop was:

Yes! Dunkin Shmo-nuts! FYI: I shmo- random things that I like. How well does the SO know me!?! I still think it's pathetic that we need to drive an hour out of town to get to the closest Dunkin Shmo-Nuts.

After Shmo-Nuts we were off again. To where, I had no clue. But it was a very long drive. Another hour because here in the midwest it takes forever to get anywhere as everything is spaced soooo far apart! Next stop: The Indiana Medical History Museum. I had been asking the SO to take me there for a while. So it only made sense that he takes me there on my day. Notice the beautiful, clear blue sky that day! It was a lovely day!

It was really cool. Lots of interesting medical instruments and science tools. The old microscopes were crazy! It was neat to see how far science has advanced since the early 1900's but also funny to see how we still see some of the same instruments in our labs now! As the blurry picture shows, this is the oldest pathology facility in the nation. We took a tour of the place and saw the old lecture auditorium, pathology/clinical labs, autopsy room and the library. It was just simply cool. If you like science or medical history and are in the Indy area I would recommend a stop!

After the Medical History Museum the SO took me down the road to the Indianapolis Zoo! Again, another place I've been whining to visit. Are we starting to see a trend?
The Indy Zoo was actually very impressive! I guess I had low expectations of the place. But it was wicked cool! They had farm animals such as:



Flemish Giant Rabbits

And an Ox.

They had random things such as Wild Gingers, and yes that is the SO, and he says no he is a "Day Walker, thank you."

They had all kinds of things:

A bald eagle with a broken wing :(
Ostrich -- wicked cute. While we were standing there looking at the huge birds, a kid next to me (around 3 years old) goes "Daddy, look at that big Turkey!"

I had a great time running around (just like a little kid) snapping pictures of all the animals.
And we saw two of my favorite animals, the rhino and ELEPHANT! I love African elephants! I spent a little bit of time (and a little bit of the memory card) on the elephant exhibit.
We never take pictures of ourselves, but for some reason I felt that I should today... The zoo was a great ending to the day...
However, things started to get weird upon leaving the zoo. As we were leaving the parking lot the SO had a text message from his best friend. All the text message said (or so I was told) was to go to DePauw, their undergraduate university, because there was a big surprise. The SO looks at me and says "Well my bro has never let me down before, we have to go. Kinda sucks, cause we can't do what I wanted. Oh well... we'll do that later."
Wait a minute. Hold everything. The SO does NOT change plans. And DePauw University is approximately 1hr away! But the SO says we have to go, so go we must.
It was odd -- I questioned him the whole way: what does Lett (the SO BF) want, what is going on, is Lett and Lett SO just sitting there waiting?
We finally get to DePauw and start walking to the building where Lett is waiting. As we are walking the SO asks if I recall the area, of course I have no clue because I've only been to the school a couple of times. The SO says "Oh this is the spot 3.5 years ago where you asked me 'so what the F*%$ are we?' and we started dating. So I want to know what the heck are we? Will you like marry me?"
Yep, he asked! Of course I said yes!
Oh and Lett meeting us -- nope. Just a decoy. The SO had his calendar go off at that time with Lett's ring tone so I would THINK Lett sent a text. He had everything planned to the minute!
The ring: Okay you guys know me. I'm not into huge diamonds or flashy things. Yes pretty. But so not me. The SO did GREAT! He got me a white gold band. The ring is from Brilliant Earth. The white gold is recycled and there is a hidden green stone on the inside of the ring. The gold and the stone are both conflict and ecologically sound.

All in all, it was a huge surprise, but an amazing and fun day. Funny thing... earlier in the day I was talking to Ash, my best friend and during the car ride from the goats to the Shmonuts she said "what if he's gonna ask you to marry him?!" My response (with the SO sitting in the drivers seat next to me), "Oh he's not gonna do something stupid like that! We'd have the longest engagement ever and that's just stupid!" Oopps.... I think it all worked out okay though! :)


Melissa said…
Congratulations! And happy belated birthday! It sounds like you had a wonderful, memorable day. That was some good planning on his part.
Lupie said…
How sweet!!!! He is a keeper and the ring is beautiful.
Megan said…
Congratulations! What a great story. Very cute!