Weekend Shenanigans... Take 2

This is my second stab at this post. You see, I had a looong week at work and I had a bitch of a post for you! I started this post on Sunday evening; then I realized I really shouldn't any write the stuff that I had written. It was kind of mean, inappropriate, and just down right pissy! And who wants to read about that?! And with my recent dramas, I need to send out good karma and not any of the bad stuff!

So yeah, rough week. But a fabulous weekend because the SO and I visited some friends down in Indy. Isn't it so nice to hang out with your peeps? It always brings your spirits back up! So this is why I am rewriting the post and reposting it now (Tuesday). This time with a more uplifting and positive vibe!
First things first, while in Indy, the SO took me to Knit Stop. I'm not going to review this store today, but let me tell you, it is a wicked lovely store! If you have a chance to visit, you should defiantly go!
The colors and the fibers, ahhhh....
After a while of perusing the endless shelves of beautiful yarns I decided on:

Louet Gems. A 100% merino wool in a fine/sport weight in colorway Pink Panther.

And I even have the pattern!

Yesterday (Monday) I purchased the Interweave Knits, Spring 2009, issue. I usually don't love spring patterns but I did fall madly in love with two patterns in particular.

The first pattern is the Bettie Lace Stockings, by Hana Jason.
Yep, my Gems yarn will be going to this lovely.
Pink, lacy and sexy.... oh boy!

And the second pattern is the Saoirse Shawl, by Norah Gaughan.
I don't know what it is, but I saw this skirt/shawl/thingy and it just INTRIGUES me! I have not been able to stop thinking about it all day! I was at work and I pulled it up on the laptop and just stared at it! I had to start a pcr so I reluctantly left the office and went into the lab and as I was squirtin' dna into the damn little tubes (yes that is my science talk right there) I couldn't STOP thinking about the skirt! I mean all day long I was thinking about the yarn and the actual pattern. The yarn just looks so cool. And the pattern is just so simple and elegant. Norah Gaughan is just wicked. I may not like everything she designs (correction, I do like her things, just not that I would personally wear everything she designs), but she is amazing. And little things like this skirt show how simple something can be and yet so uniquely designed.

So yes, back to this skirt and my dilemma. You see the problem is, I priced out the yarn that the patterns specifies and from Yarn Market, at $8.35 a hank, that my peeps, is a $90+ skirt. Yes, I know, I have NEVER actually knit a garment with the actual specified yarn. I know I can pick out any ole' yarn, do the gauge thing and simply swap it out for something a little more within my research technician budget. But dudes! That skirt, in that yarn, is so cute! For now, I'll just queue it in Ravelry and look for a yarn. But man, somehow, that skirt will be mine!