Wandering Wednesdays

Oopsie! This one is out a little late! But better late than never....

Today I'm going to show off my little diva bunny, Kyle. Full name: Kyle Mulligan Roy-Spaulding. Yes he gets the hyphened last name 'cause he's cool like that.
I've been a little grouchy because I'm a work-a-holic and I was thinking that I have a very ugly grouchy mug. I wish it was a cute as Kyle's grouchy, disapproving face. So to try to brighten the grouchy mood here's the little dude being his usual orny self.


lunaticraft said…
I've never seen a cuter disapproving face! =D
Lupie said…
Kyle is just way too cool!
If you lved near New Jersey we could make a play date with our Smudge.