Start of something new: Wandering Wednesdays

I'm going to start something (maybe, we'll see if this continues or not). In the spirit of what some may call "Hump Day" or Woden's Day, or just simply another day, I'm going to try to have Wandering Wednesdays as a feature. I usually try to put a positive spin to things. And despite it being "Hump Day" it is still a great day! You have finished half of your week's worth of work and you are almost there to enjoy the weekend! Wednesdays are always a good time to recollect your thoughts, figure out what you've done for the week, what still needs to be done and maybe revamp your week's goals.

So here's the start (again, maybe) to Wandering Wednesdays. Which basically means random stuff I'm thinking about or seeing around me. Lucky you... :)

It's still snowing in parts of the country, but it's about 2 weeks until the vernal equinox! The flower above is one of the many from my mum's flower garden. I would tell you what type it is but I have no clue. I'm going to take a stab at it and call this a peony? I took this picture back in August while I was home for a visit. It just makes me happy looking at this flower - maybe because it reminds me of warm weather or mum's flower garden and home. Either way it's taking me on a daydream and that means it's a great way to start Wandering Wednesdays.


lunaticraft said…
Very neat idea!

I am in that area of the country where it's still snowing... kind of par for the course here at this time of year though. We usually get at least one doozy of a storm in march, right around the first day of spring actually.

And that is indeed a peony. My mom used to have a flowerbed with two big bushes in them, and I used to love the smell. Ours always had all sorts of teeny bugs living in them though, so we couldn't cut them and bring them in the house. =(
Shannon said…
What a great idea! I may borrow your idea to celebrate Oden's Dag! I'm adding you to my blog roll! Can't wait to see how you spend your future wednesdays!