The SO surprises me

The SO surprised me with yarn and needles!

I had to work all weekend and as such I couldn't go to River Knits to pick up the 2.5mm double points that I desperately needed for my stockings. So the amazing SO came to my rescue and picked up my double points and also surprised me with some yarn!
Louet Gems (100% merino wool) in colorway "Cherry Red."

He's such a good guy! And of course this means new socks coming soon!

I needed those 2.5mm for these:

These lacy stockings go up to just below the knee and currently I'm up to my calf area and well, I have HUGE ballet/soccer calves. I mean my legs are as muscular as a guy's (even more muscular than most). As such, my 2.00 and 2.25mm were not cutting it, even with the increases that I included. But it's okay, the SO came to my rescue and I can now continue up the leg....

More pics coming soon!


lunaticraft said…
That's so awesome! What a sweet dude. And that yarn... he has good taste! =D

Can't wait to see how the stockings come out. They look adorable so far.
Lupie said…
That shop looks great and they have my Jordana bag on the site!