1-2-3 say Kimchee!

This weekend I made Kimchee.

What is kimchee (or kimchi, gimchi)?
It is a traditional South Korean side dish that is super spicy, stinky and yummy!

There are many different kinds of kimchee and many ways to make it. The essentials of a good traditional kimchee (from a Korean's standpoint) is good cabbage (or root veggies), garlic, hot chili peppers, salt and time. You basically soak the cabbage for a while in salt water and once it starts to soften you drain and rinse it. Then you insult the cabbage with tons of good ole' garlic and hot chili peppers (I used hot pepper flakes). From here people will let it ferment for weeks, months etc. Me, I'm a kimchee snob and only like it "fresh." So my kimchee will be eaten asap, before the fermenting takes place.

Here is where I'm going to tout the excellence of kimchee. It has been rated as one of the top 5 health foods (along with soy, olive oil, garlic and the other currently escapes me). One serving of of kimchee is loaded with dietary fiber, vitamins A and C and much more! Also there is a ton of garlic and I don't have to tell you that garlic is great for your health. I was going to PubMed and do a scholarly journal article search on the research done with kimchee, but honestly, I have the flu right now and I really can't think straight. But that is the reason why I made this superfood. While growing up my mum (who is South Korean) would always go on and on about the health benefits of Korean food, especially kimchee. Well today, because I am super ill, I decided it was time to embrace my Korean roots and finally attempt to make kimchee and rid myself of this cold that has been lingering for a week.

Here's to Kimchee! It better kill all germs that are making me ill!


lunaticraft said…
I had Kimchee once, and while very very tasty, it was way too spicy for me. I envy your hotness tolerency, because it looks delicious.
Lupie said…
I love Kimchee also!
Hope you feel better.