Styrofoam in his hay?!?!

A week or two ago the SO found this in the BunnyDiva's hay:

I tried to get a better pic, but you know my photography skillz. But take a look, I think that is Styrofoam attached to the hay. Styrofoam?!?! That is a little disturbing seeing how that shit can KILL bunnies!
And what type of hay was it? Oxbow! Yes! Top of the line, the supremo of the supreme of food/hay for little bun buns. I'm not sure if anyone else has seen this from their Oxbow hay. We've been using it since we first got Kyle (over a year ago) and have never had a problem. The little dude gets a mix of different Oxbow hay types (timothy, oat and grass hay and botanical for treat) a couple times daily. We think it came from the oat hay bag but we're not 100% sure. And I'm not sure if that is a foam or not. The SO was good and quickly took it away from Kyle before he could chew it. Either way it is disturbing to think if he consumed it (as many know, we have had issues with this diva having blockage scares).

Have any of you seen this? I hope we don't see any more. This is a great company with great products. I hope they are not slipping and letting foam (!?!?) or other impurities pass through quality inspections.

And if you want to tell him that Oxbow is slipping, go right ahead. I'll stand BEHIND you as you tell that ornery little thang....


Lupie said…
I must tell my daughter about this!