Princess is back!

Yep I got my Princess (my car) back! Yay!

Here she is, dent-free and looking as good as new:

The body shop even washed and vacuumed her. So she looks and smells nice inside too. Too bad the snow is melting (did I really just say that?!?) because the drive back home from the body shop got her a little muddy. Nevertheless, she is back! New door and bottom panel and new paint job on the whole driver side.

For someone who doesn't drive too often, I can't believe how attached I am to that car!
Also -- because I forgot to send a Happy New Year to my friends and family in Korea (yes Mum is VERY angry at me) last week, I thought I'd send a Happy Hari-kuyo to everyone. Yes, it is a Japanese not Korean tradition, but I have a few broken knitting needles that I should go poke into some tofu and send off with good thoughts.


Lupie said…
I got mine back last week! I think she is the sister of yours.