A couple little projects and an unexpected project

This week went by so quickly!
I am almost done sending emails and Ravelry messages to everyone who has asked me questions. I still have a few more and I'll try to get those completed asap! And thank you to everyone leaving kind messages. Things are getting better and better and the sweet words and encouraging messages are helping! :)

Here are a couple of little projects that I have completed!

Dream Swatch

Pattern: Dream Swatch Head Wrap by Wendy Bernard
Yarn: Claudia Hand Painted Yarn in Chocolate Cherry
Needle: 2.25mm
Started: Feb 1, 2009
Completed: Feb 18, 2009

I got a much needed haircut last Saturday. I heart Aveda! I love going to my salon, Evan Todd and I love my stylist, Katie. She is so cute, sweet and just rocks as a hair stylist! I haven't seen her in forever because I'm really bad and don't go often. It is a little pricey there, by Indiana haircut prices that is. Just as an FYI (yes I am a walking advertisement), it is well worth the price. You get a back massage and essential oil gently massaged into your scalp prior to the cut and wash. And after your cut you get a hand massage and lip gloss added to your pucker! Plus the products are lovely smelling and (even better) support eco-friendly practices!

When I saw Katie, I was pleasantly surprised to find out she's expecting! In about 8 weeks! Right away I decided to knit her little baby goodies:

Pattern: Just kind of winged it.
Yarn: Caron Spa - so this claimed to be "A silky soft bamboo blend." But it is 25% rayon from bamboo and 75% microdenier acrylic. It IS machine and dryer friendly and it is soft. However, I felt I was jipped on the bamboo claim.
Needles: 2.75mm
Started: Feb 22, 2009
Completed: Feb 26, 2009

All week I was debating whether I should knit baby gifts for my boss and his wife who are expecting their second child in May. Being the perfectionist that I am, and far from being the worlds best knitter, I was a little hesitant on making gifts for them. On Friday evening I made a decision that I was NOT going to make them anything. My rational being, that it might be a little weird to give a scientist and his wife knitted gifts from the lab technician.

Well earlier today I went to give Katie, my hairstylist, her gift and guess who I saw at the hair salon. Yep, my boss. He was actually outside running around (that was amusing enough right there) with his 3 year old son. My boss was there because his wife was getting her haircut (seriously?!?! how many salons are there in this town and they go there?!?!? and at this time?!?!?). So of COURSE, he asked me if I was getting my haircut and was looking straight at the gift bag I was holding. I had to tell him my hairstylist was expecting and I knit her a couple little gifts. He started saying how nice that is and how much she will appreciate it and how thoughtful I am, blah blah blah. So of COURSE now that he knows I knitted items for my hairstylist, I feel that I am now obligated knit something for him and his wife. Not that I don't want to, I really don't mind at all. Just, awkward! :)

So now I'm starting the new baby booties and hat for the Rochet's....


lunaticraft said…
That headwrap is VERY cute. And that baby hat looks very soft, despite the bamboo gyp.
Lupie said…
Well I think the Knitting Gods were telling you something.
I don't like knitting/crocheting things for anyone outside of my family.
The socks and hat are so sweet your boss and his wife will love them.