My Fitness Coach whoops my behind

I have decided to do a little review on my latest addiction (other than knitting...). I am absolutely ADDICTED to My Fitness Coach for the Wii. This is a unique video game in that it's an interactive workout game, with a virtual personal trainer (Maya), that can seriously whoop your behind into shape.

I received My Fitness Coach for Christmas from my Bro and BroSO. I started it as soon as I returned to Indiana (btw -- I also have WiiFit and I am not too enthused by that one). Thus far, I have been working with Maya for about 2.5 weeks and I have already lost about 5 pounds. And that's with the off-the-medication induced hypothyroidism, which usually causes you to gain weight! Another bonus is since I started this workout program, I have found my hypothyroidism isn't kickin' my butt too bad. I mean, I'm still tired and moody (as SO can verify!), but this video game is really helping me bust through the month long off-meds-cancer check thing. So overall in terms of my personal health, this video game is really helping me!

So for the review:

You start the game with setting up your personal profile and completing an initial fitness test. This is so Maya can show you what you need to work on for long-term goals. This fitness test has you enter in your weight, measurements (bust, waist, hips, biceps, thighs - scary but no one is watching, it's okay!) and then you complete a few assessment tests. She has you take your resting heart rate, then your elevated heart rate after 2 minutes of jumping jacks -- man I haven't done those in forever! You also do some squats, pushups (eh), crunches and tests you flexibility. After all of these are complete, Maya will then complete the fitness evaluation and set up a suggested program, however you can change it to focus on what you want for goals. Your long-term goals can focus on weight loss, cardio, upper body, lower body, core strength or flexibility. From here you can set up weekly goals (Commitment) as to how frequently and how long you want to exercise. Good thing is that you can always modify your fitness goals at any time. The initial personal fitness assessment is a one time only -- although she does test you again (mine was about a week later), just to make sure you are improving and on your way to fitness.

Once you have your personal goals you can start your workout! First you choose your daily focus (your workout for the day). You can choose from a variety of workouts such as yoga, cardio, upper or lower body, core or flexibility. Maya will basically take your long-term goals into consideration, your workout for today and make a fitness routine for you. From here, you can choose from a variety of workout environments (spas, resorts, meditation gardens, urban studio -- you unlock more places as you advance in the game). You can also choose your type of music. To me, most of the types sound the same with the same with that excer-mer-size type tempo/beat. Oh! You can also enter if you have personal workout gear such as stability balls, step risers, hand weights etc and those can be incorporated into the routines. Once you have chosen all of this you can then choose how long you want to exercises for the day from 15-60 mins. Really this sounds involved but it is a total of 2-3 menu screens and once you know what you are doing and what you want, it takes less than 3 mins to choose this stuff.

I really like this because it is similar to an exercise DVD but it is more interactive. For example, during your workout Maya will ask you how you are doing and if you say it is too hard she will ease back next time, or if you need more she will kick your butt next time around! Maya gives you lots of encouragement during the workout. She also "scolds" you when you turn on the game and if you've missed a session or so. But she also praises you when you stick to your committed program. Some of it is a little cheesy, but who am I to talk? I heart cheese....

One thing I have noticed is that it could be hard on those who are not familiar with exercises such as step, cardio or yoga classes. Although Maya does explain the moves and you can watch her (cgi like and all), she cannot correct you if you are doing something incorrectly. Also you cannot modify the game for someone who is hard of being able. As a former fitness and ballet dance instructor I worry about people who may injure themselves by doing the moves wrong or straining a muscle trying to hold a pose incorrectly or trying to do something that they should not do due to a disability or injury. My advice for those unfamiliar with these types of workouts would be to either have a friend there who knows the correct way of doing the moves or doing the buddy system so both can help each other and look up how to do these things correctly. Also to use own good judgement and push yourself but to know your own limits -- just so no one gets hurt.

Overall, I love it. My Fitness Coach is a video game, but it brings gaming to a whole new level. I cannot wait for more interactive games like this. Imagine the possibilities! Yoga, ballet, pilates, kick boxing -- ohohOH! But in all seriousness, I received the game at a perfect time. Right when I was going to have to start going hypothyroid and not looking forward to the weight gain, loosing hair, moodiness and fatigue, this game is actually really helping me. Just like all exercising, it does take personal motivation to actually turn it on and workout. But thus far, I have been intrinsically motivated to keep it up! Amazing right there!

Here are a couple of pics the SO took of me while I was working out. Please no laughing - my fat ass was struggling - and please excuse the messy living room! :)


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