Home for the Holidays - Recap 2

Mum was so good. Right when we arrived to the house she had an area ready for Kyle. We quickly unloaded the car and set up the diva's pimp pad. We brought his cage, chew toys, poop trays and favorite hiding boxes. The diva felt right at home.

A little too much at home.
I left him alone for a minute. Actually, it wasn't even a full minute. I walked into the other room, grabbed something off the dresser and when I came back, I saw this:

Yep. The little shit chewed Mum and Dad's entertainment center! Dead front and center. He took a big ole bite. Mum and Dad weren't too mad. I think I was more upset. I mean what a little pain in the arse! Luckily Dad wants to stain it because he wants it to match the other furniture in the room. But for real! My bunny is the devil in disguise. Good thing he is cute.

Other than Kyle being a brat, home was great. The tree looked beautiful:

Mum's damn Snow Buddies were everywhere.

And just to make things feel like home, the damn clock kept me up all night the first evening we were home. This clock tick tocks every second, and chimes every half hour as well as on the hour (the number of chimes equal to the number of hours). Luckily Mum and Dad stopped the chimes before we came home. However, the clock.... ah! My brother and I are messed up for life because of this clock. Think back to Peter Pan and how Captain Hook reacts to the sounds of a clock. Yeah, same thing. Although for me it is more conditioned to my environment because the sounds of a clock don't bother me anywhere other than at home. But this damn clock --- I had Daddy stop the thing right away in the morning.

The next day I let Kyle experience something new to him. Snow!

They had almost 2 feet of snow in NH last week! The rain had melted most of it away but there was still a good blanket of snow in the backyard so I grabbed some and brought it inside for Kyle. He jumped in, licked and ate some of it. The curious little fella didn't know what to make of it! And just as we started to take pictures he decided he didn't like how cold and wet it was, jumped out and wouldn't have anymore of it. No diva approvals on the snow.


Lupie said…
You must check out my daughters blog and see her bunny. He had head tilt and they thought they were going to loose him but with great care and time he is now perfect!