Holy Shat!

Guess what drama happened today? Our bathrooms (yes both of them) flooded -- with shat! Yep the sewage system for our apartment building decided to throw up in our apartment this morning. Out the toilets and the tub drains and onto our floor.

It was gross.

I'll spare you of all images (actually I was going to take pictures for the blog and the SO and I agreed, you'd probably not want to see it). I'll let you use your creative minds to visualize the shat that spit out of the drains. Luckily the apartment management thought this was an emergency and came over right away to take care of things. And after cleaning (okay, I have some OCD-like qualities - we disinfected like whoa) the apartment is once again clean. And after burning some Body Shop oils, it now smells like fresh Satsuma.

Speaking of throwing up. I'll show you my current knitting project.

It's actually not that bad and if you like girly things you will like it.

I have been all about the quick knits lately. Maybe I'm still avoiding my Dollar & 1/2 cardigan. Maybe I'm still peeved about that cursed scarf. Maybe - just maybe - I'm so tired and pissy/moodly lately I want quick little functional knits. That's probably it. Otherwise, out of all the yarns I have, I don't know why I would have picked this yarn out of the stash.

The yarn is Knit Picks Felici (color: Mixed Berries). It is cute. If you like St. Valentine himself throwing up on your feet. It's just a little too girly for me.

I'm knitting it toe up. Basic ribbing but I've added a purl every 4th row. I'll have more details in a few days, after I finish it. I just wanted to show you all the types of gross that I am surrounding myself with today.

I hope this post does not find you while eating. Enjoy!


Lupie said…
We have had the samething happen in our basement. I have to clorox everything.
The are not too girly. Love them!