And the snow came down down down - HftH part 4

My best friend (BF) in the whole world came to see me while I was home. Actually we've done New Years together since undergrad, until last year. And it was the worst! Well, I spent last year with my SO, but it wasn't my BF. So this year, while I was home, she came to see me! She lives in CT, so it's only 4hours away. We made plans to meet up with the other girls (whom all live in NH) and have dinner and hang out for the big ball drop.

Then on New Years Eve day. It snowed.

And snowed.

And snowed.

I must be used to living in the Midwest. Because I was AMAZED at the amount of snow that fell. We had over 8 inches in that one day! Starting mid morning and all through the evening, it snowed. It actually snowed my girls in! They couldn't get out of their houses. So we made a vow to all get together this summer when I come home.

We didn't let getting snowed in damper our New Years fun! BF and I exchanged gifts. The SO and BF exchanged their traditional corn gift (She calls him CornHusker or CornBread because he's from IN, thus they exchange corn gifts, duh!). The SO got her a bottle of Corn Huskers Lotion. She got him Corny, the corn scrubber. Yeah, no clue. But they love it. It's cute, at least they finally get along! :)

Everyone had fun:
Floppy and Liz in their annual boink.

BF and her boy (I like to call him WonderBread) had fun. My first time meeting him. I approve, 'nuff said.

SO and I had fun.

BF and I had fun.

Heck, even my Daddy had fun. He went to town plowing the yard and driveways.

Bro and BroSO came over for a bit. As did Aunt Cathy and Uncle Bobby. Here we are all piled into the kitchen. Poor WonderBread, I think he's still scared of my family. We are kind of loud....

The SO and BroSO bonded. Isn't she soo freakin' cute! Look how little! You can just pick her up and squeeze her!

And after consuming boat loads of food we all had a mellow but fun New Years Eve.


Lupie said…
You all look like you had a great time!
I love the stuffed animal porn.
lizzzknits said…
What happens if you are not stuck inside because of so much snow!!!!